Goal #49: Our housewarming party


Ah, now I know we are well and truly HOME! 🙂

Ninja and I finally managed to arrange our housewarming party, two months after we’d moved into our new place. It took the format of a tea party in the garden, because there was no way to squeeze 20-odd visitors inside our little cottage! In answer to prayer it was a gorgeous day out – clear blue Joburg winter skies; windstill and sunny – and so wonderful to have our dear friends gathering at our new address.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go all out like I did with Ninja’s ninja party, but between my mom and I we baked up a delight of treats for the guests. A friend of mine also helped cater, providing some amazing savoury snacks to balance all our sweeties 😉

Decor-wise I didn’t do too much other than focus on the main colours: red, white and mint/sea green. I also printed out some home-related scripture verses to stick up around the cottage (Psalm 127:1, Heb 3:4, Josh 24:15 and Prov 24:3–4). Other than that we just made sure the cottage was clean and the ratties were safely out of the way, and then we held an open house from morning tea time (11 a.m.) to afternoon tea time (4 p.m.)!

It was a lovely way to accomplish Goal #49 on my 101 things in 1001 days list.

Here are a few pics from the day, starting with our soldier

Housewarming 1

Of course our soldier was involved in the celebrations

Housewarming 2

I found the perfect housewarming napkins

Housewarming 3

A tea party in the sunshine

Housewarming 4

Mini biscuits, sweets and dried sausage sticks

Housewarming 5


Housewarming 6

Vanilla biscuits, ginger biscuits, cheese biscuits and coffee biscotti

Housewarming 7

Crispy oat biscuits

Housewarming 8

Old-style soetkoekies – a South African classic

Housewarming 9

Butterscotch biscuits with various flavours

Housewarming 10

Plain and wholewheat rusks

Throwing this party just reminded me how much I love spoiling the people I love 🙂 I definitely need to find more excuses to play hostess, even if it’s to fewer folks at a time!

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