Hi all

So the bad news is that we won’t be getting a new internet connection just yet, because the internet service provider refuses to install cables in our area. What?! Yes indeed. Apparently there’s too much cable theft in our area, so it’s not worth their while.


So, a little more patience and a little more waiting… perhaps we’ll get wireless instead – at least they can’t steal that! o.O

In the meantime, though, I’m having a great time chiselling away at my 101 things list, undertaking an epic spring clean, spending time with family and friends and generally preparing for what I hope will be a marvellous summer.

Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some pics and share longer posts soon… even if by then I only have one follower left, hehe! 😉

Keep well,


Another update

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  1. Waiting waiting waiting patiently with you while technology brings you back on a regular basis. I have to laugh about your waiting for summer. We are preparing for fall and winter here.

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