Happy 1st birthday my boys!


On Friday our beautiful boys turned one year old. Hard to believe they’ve gone from tiny, hairless bubs to fat, fluffy adult rats so quickly. To celebrate I decided to act like the crazy rat lady I am and throw them a little party!

Their presents were simple: an empty cardboard box and loads of paper to shred:

Rat party 1

Of course there were also plenty of edible treats (some for the humans and some for the rats):

Party biscuits

Party biscuits

Crumpets, veg platters and yoghurt

Crumpets, veg platters and yoghurt

The ratties even had a special guest – a friend who would actually call herself more of a crazy cat lady, but who (a) loves all animals and (b) didn’t bring her kitties along 😉 She did bring lots of delicious treats for the boys though: yoghurt, seed mix, giant raisins and banana chips. Fine dining for days to come!

We set up all sorts of hidey-holes and items of interest on the floor and let the boys loose to explore. The party was off to a slow start for my munchkin Mishka, who hid in this basket to nibble on a crumpet…

In case you’d ever wondered what a heart rat looks like…

Some of the birthday boys were ever so polite as they begged for various treats…

Ninja's heart rat, Knight

Ninja’s heart rat, Knight

… while others were, um, noticeably less well-mannered!

Voddy staking his claim

Voddy staking his claim

After lots of happy waddling around the floor, Teddy Bear decided to watch the proceedings from another safe spot:

Silly Teddy

Silly Teddy

And our Moony Moonbeam busied himself with dragging away several biscuits, stashing crumpets out of human reach and chowing down on all the sunflower seeds.

Rat party 8

Rather sweetly, our tame wild mouse (no, that’s not a contradiction) also wanted his share of the party food. Here he is snacking happily on a crumpet (he wasn’t too keen on the banana chippie):

Rat party 9

I really love all my beautiful furbabies 🙂

Knowing that pet rats live such short lives, I think it’s worth making a fuss for their birthdays. So far we’ve only ever had one rat make it to 2 years old, but here’s hoping these boys will all stay healthy and live to celebrate another birthday next year…

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