Cannot believe I did that…


A couple of weeks ago I left you hanging at the end of my last dream camera post regarding the possible cons to choosing the new Nikon D7100 as my first DSLR camera… but this is not that post.

The beastie

You see… I did something totally crazy and out of character today. Despite the sensible budgetary advice of my dad and mom playing in my head, despite my initial good intentions of waiting for the ‘right‘ time, despite my long-standing notion that anything worth having must be earned through long hard toil… I just went and straight up bought the D7100.

Yup. I just bought the D7100. Today. Just like that.


I still cannot believe I did that!!! *cue hysterical laughter* 🙂 It’s just not like me at all! 😀

It’s hands down the most expensive item I’ve ever paid for. And I don’t part with my money easily. Ninja had to patiently convince me that buying it now or buying it in a few months’ time would not really make a huge difference in terms of saving – either way, we’re going to have to do a lot of careful saving and frugal living this year!

Perhaps the main reason I’m still a bit gobsmacked by my own behaviour is that I don’t actually have the camera yet. So reality hasn’t hit home yet. They’ll only be delivering it tomorrow evening, so part of me will only be convinced it’s real when I finally physically own the machine. But it’s a done deal: the beastie is mine 🙂

I am so humbled and blessed and excited and surprised! It felt as though it happened so quickly, yet it wasn’t a rash decision. I have been researching this for months already. I have been pushing my current little Fujifilm superzoom camera to its limits to prepare for this. I have been watching so many vids and reading so many articles on the various functions of this camera. So when I first handled the D7100 in the shops today it no longer intimidated me; I flicked through the buttons and menus as if I knew them by heart.

When I handled it today, I realised two things at once. One, this is by far the biggest and scariest purchase of my short life. And two, it won’t be wasted on me.

Some people have warned that the D7100 is ‘overkill’ for newbies and ‘wasted’ on beginners, but that’s only if you’re happy to stay stuck in the beginner mindset. I want to be challenged and I want to excel. I know I have tons to learn, but I’m keen. And I’m not competing against anyone other than myself. I don’t have aspirations for professional photography, but I also don’t want to be stuck with entry-level dinky toys forever 😉 The D7100 is my middle ground, and Lord willing it will be with me for many years to come.

When Ninja and I prayed about the purchase beforehand, I found myself praying for a balance of wisdom and the courage to live a little. I’ve always been Ms ÜberCautious with money; I hate credit cards and debt (thankfully those didn’t feature in this purchase) and I shy away from large luxuries. But today, with Ninja’s counsel, I realised that risky spending can have its place.

Sometimes in life – only a very few times – Nike is right, and we should just do it.

Yet I still cannot believe that I did!

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  2. Woot woot! Congrats! sounds great 🙂 “I want to be challenged!” haha that’s the spirit! Have fun with it! I can’t wait to see the pictures! ;D

    • Thanks so much! Am still in shock… but can’t wait to begin! 🙂 By the way I tried out the D5200 and it feels lovely to hold too; I bet that flip-out screen is a huge boon! Happy snapping!

      • It is awesome! 🙂 one even has a touch screen (flip out + touch WOW!) I think that was a Canon though. Not for me 🙂

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