Hi! I’m Zest, contentedly wed to the Ninja (but not this ninja) and residing in the sunny but otherwise nondescript city of Jozi in South Africa. Ninja and I currently share our home with these fancy rat furbabies:

Blog rats

So, why a blog? As a wordsmith with a zest for life, I thought a blog would be the perfect way to share with the world some of the things that inspire me.

A few things to know about me:

  1. I love, trust and serve the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. His grace and good gifts inspire me each day, and I pray that this blog will glorify Him.
  2. The things in life that bring me the most joy are summarised by the tagline: all things bright (think summer sun, fresh air, Bollywood colours), beautiful (creativity, languages and Scripture), sweet (relationships, girl talk and dessert) and fluffy (I have a soft spot for all creatures great and small, except for pestilential insects).
  3. My favourite writing tool of all time has to be the emoticon – but I promise to restrict myself to only a couple… per page 😉
  4. All my life I’ve felt I’m pretty much an amateur at everything I do, but I still strive to do my best whenever I attempt something new. So my baking sometimes delivers flops and my photos are sometimes o.o.f., but at least I have fun in the process!
  5. I have little or no interest in politics, superhero wars, sport, jazz or economic affairs, so if that’s what you expected to find at the Sunshine Scrapbook (really??) then, well, sorry to disappoint.
  6. Hobbies I’ve dabbled in over the years include reading, drawing, photography, birding, painting, baking, knitting, poetry and crafting.
  7. I dream of travel, making a living creatively and caring for dozens of different creatures. I want my life to be filled to the brim with lasting friendships, precious memories and a spirit of celebration.
  8. When I wake from the dream I realise that all of these things can still come true now on a small scale. For now I may have to be content with day trips instead of overseas travel, freelancing instead of a dream job, and a few pet rats instead of a bustling menagerie. But all of these things are good, and I accept them with joy from the hand of the Lord.

So, welcome! I look forward to meeting you.

Stop by, browse a little and hopefully stay a while in this sunny spot on the web :mrgreen:


PS: Please note that the copyright for all content and photographs posted on the Sunshine Scrapbook belongs to me, unless otherwise specified. No unauthorised use – please drop me a line if you want to reuse something. Thanks!

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  1. Amazing! I’m originally from Jozi too! (The main thing preventing me from returning is having to work in a state health care facility for 5 years prior to being free to practice wherever I choose in South-Africa with my foreign medical degree. I have absolutely nothing against working in state health care, and I think it’s amazing that broke South-Africans have better access to health care than broke Americans. There is just no way I’m going to physically and mentally survive 5 years of 100h work weeks in a place like Baragwanath. Plus, I still need to pay back 30 000 euros to the Dutch state from my additional student loan to get through medical school, SA state health care doesn’t pay enough for me to pay that. Especially if they figure out I’m a South-African citizen and make me do Zuma years. I’ve done a rotation in Tygerberg, I’ve seen how this thing works. I’ve also experienced some funny South-African cultural issues: other students and staff spoke Afrikaans to my Dutch fellow student because she’s Dutch and could understand a bit of Afrikaans. They spoke English to me, because I’m from Johannesburg. I grew up bilingual, and actually went to an Afrikaans primary school for a few years…)

    • Wow! That’s really interesting – and I think you’re the first fellow Joburger I’ve ‘met’ in the blogosphere, so hi! 🙂 The Bara… argh, it gets worse every time I hear about it 😐 Interesting thoough to hear your comparison between SA and US health care? I would have expected the opposite to be true.

      • You’re the first too I think!
        Yeah, in the US you can have EVERYTHING…. if you have money. In South-Africa there may simply not BE things like dialysis, ARV’s or, er, sterile gloves in a size that needn’t be tied around my wrist at all times, but in the States people get refused at the door if they can’t pay in many situations. A friend of mine in the US who doesn’t make a lot to begin with, couldn’t afford to go to a doctor for a pretty debilitating ear infection at some point. People go bankrupt to pay for medical care. In South-Africa you can at least have a fair shot at receiving what is literally available (unless your rival gangster is letting you bleed to death by keeping the ambulance personnel under gun point…)

    • Yes, I keep pet rats, best pets ever! I loved the pics of your little wild one; I’m sorry she died, but I’m glad she touched your life for a little while 🙂

  2. I am tempted to envy the German – always wanted to study that. After studying Spanish all my life, I moved on to Latin & Greek as a Classics minor at the Univ of PA so I could read the new Tstmt Koine (which I’ve pretty much forgotten after 20 years of neglect) and got my B.A. in Linguistics. So nice talking with you. You present a lovely spirit, and there is much wisdom to the retro role of the wife. And thank you for the likes.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I also did a BA in Linguistics; I’ve loved words for as long as I can remember 🙂 Wow, kudos to you for tackling those tough languages! And thank you too for the visit 🙂

      • Oh! We linguists are few and far between! Many languages are richer than the English I love, so much nuance packed in a word. Fascinating: that means there are no such mental categories (that the nuances convey) in English.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Zest. You studied German? That is awesome! I know hardly any people who did (or do!) Anyway, I love your writing style and number 1,4 and 6 sound pretty good. I got some bad resonance on my Lesley-post and they all came from feminists.. 🙂 So I am not a big fan either! OK. Give me some time to go through your posts! 🙂
    PS: Really enjoyed the cleaning oven post (now I know how to get the damn thing clean!) 😉

    • Ja, ich liebe die deutsche Sprache! My gran was German and it kinda flowed from a love for her 🙂 Cool, thanks so much for visiting, liking and following! 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed your blog! It’s beautiful and full of creative stories and ideas. I stumbled upon your blog because you were nominated by louslabyrinth. Congratulations 🙂

  5. Just had a quick peek through and love the variety of your blog, so many different things I like! Animals, rats, birdwatching, recipes, crafting and Final Fantasy so far! 🙂

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