Who’s building your house?


Sorting through some documents today, I came across a notebook in which I’d written my random thoughts when I was younger (back in my varsity years I think, though the notes weren’t dated).

One of the lists I wrote was based on the metaphor that our lives are like houses, and various people and principles are the architects we allow to help us create our homes. It made me smile to read through my ideas, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Kind of architects I want to build my life-house…

  • People from all walks of life; I want to befriend rich kids and poor beggars
  • People who have built their own houses well (as far as I can see)
  • Mature people; experienced, older, sensible architects
  • Architects who help me to apply God’s blueprint plan
  • Quality building materials like good books, magazines, movies, proper media
  • Loyal, interesting, kind, humorous, nachdenkende Architekten (architects who consider how they build)
  • I want a roomy life-house, with plenty space in my life
  • I want colour, light, freshness, design, creativity, warmth in my house
  • I want to reserve the right to keep certain people out of my house
  • I want to be able to lock up my house safely when I go out
  • I want to collect 1000s of things to decorate my house
  • My place isn’t going to be just one style or stereotype; I’m not going to have all the rooms identical, but rather have influences from all over
  • I don’t want to compartmentalise all the different aspects, but I do want to harmonise them at least
  • I want nothing shameful in there; I want no room, cupboard, drawer or file filled with dirty secrets
  • I picture a bright, light, sunny house, filled with God’s light and life
  • I don’t want stupid, angry, bitter, foul or evil architects working on my life-house
  • I want my architects to be friends, family and strangers
  • I only want to bring good, clean, lovely, bright things into my house, where I’ll keep them and regularly appreciate them and use them
  • I want to be a respected house in the neighbourhood, but a friendly and open one where neighbours feel welcome and can come and go regularly
  • I want to be sure I’m leaving behind a clean, beautiful, interesting house when I leave/die/move on

Which architects – which people and influences – are you allowing to build your life? 🙂

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    • Thank you! It amazes me that I wrote that so many years ago, and now looking back I can see that I have tried to live along those lines after all 🙂

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