Grey-headed bushshrike


I had an exciting visit from a beautiful bird yesterday – one I’d never seen before but that I’ve been hearing around our garden for the past two weeks or so. His eerie call of ‘ooooop… ooooop… ooooop‘ had me running for my camera almost daily, but he was too elusive to catch sight of. Until yesterday, when the Lord brought him to the bushes right outside my window, and made him calmy pose for the camera while I snapped away! 🙂

Grey-headed bushshrike

Apparently this beautiful shrike is the largest in our region, and is actually quite common, albeit hard to spot. I love the colourful plumage the Lord has given this bird: grey, green, yellow and orange. Look at the sharp beak and bright, beady eye too.

Grey-headed bushshrike

It’s always exciting spotting unusual birds, and even more so getting good pictures of them. But rarely do I have the pleasure of photographing a brand new bird that I’ve never encountered before!

Each time I get an opportunity to be close to animals and nature, I’m reminded of the endless creativity and care with which Father God formed this world. Although we now live in a fallen world with the effects of sin visible even in nature, I’m always grateful for the glimpses we do get of the original splendour, freedom, joy and purposeful design in the natural world.

So God created … every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

~ Genesis 1:21b ~

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