The eczema exorcism


I have to share with you an encouraging update on my recent battle with eczema

The Lord has been gracious to me, answering my prayers for healing and leading me to natural options to try. Topically I’ve been daily treating all the eczema patches on my face and body with the Bee Natural range of honey products. Fantastic balms and butters… even if I never have an eczema outbreak again, I’ll still use these products for my normal skin beauty routine. They’re amazing! 🙂

In addition, I’ve been taking natural supplements each day to help build good skin from the inside out. The meds include calendula tablets, kali sulph tissue salts and A. Vogel eczema drops. Best of all, I’ve had chances to rest and relax during the last few weeks – which I think has contributed hugely to the improvement I see in my skin. It was obviously related to all the stress I’ve been through this year so far. Plus, while I’ve been away from the office I’ve enjoyed more sunshine and fresh air, both of which are great for skin.

My legs and the other patches are healing slowly. Here’s a pic of the worst patch:Eczema left leg_cr

Now it’s a bit lighter and not nearly as dry, red or itchy, even though it’s still present. But the most marked improvement has been on my face. The red patches on my cheeks and brows have completely disappeared! My skin is only a tiny bit drier than before all this, but I haven’t had a crazy scratching fit in many days. Praise God!

So here’s a happier me 😉

May 2014

Complete with a fluffy ‘do as my weird hair grows out, as well as the new glasses I got in order to fulfil Goal #78 on my new 101 things in 1001 days list 🙂

I praise the Lord for answering my prayers, and I’ll continue to update you as I see more changes in my skin. It would be so nice to be normal again! I took my healthy skin for granted before this experience, but now I’m motivated to take better care of the fleshy shell I live in 😉

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  2. So glad to hear you’re on the way to completely well from the inside out. When I was employed in a very high stress environment, I had a case of recurring hives. It’s a horrible feeling to have something that needs to be gone but won’t go. God bless you through all if it!!

    • Thanks Jane! Oh, I’ve heard that hives is awful 😦 Sometimes I think we don’t realise how much stress we’re actually under until it breaks out on our bodies in some way!

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