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Goal #52: My one-month photo challenge (Part 4)


This is the last post of pics from my August photo challenge. Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far 🙂

Day 22_Necessity (hehehe)

Day 22_Necessity (hehehe)

Yes, I realise that picture deserves a post of its own! Don’t worry, that’s in the pipeline 😉

But for now, here are the rest of the photos from my challenge…

Goal #52: My one-month photo challenge (Part 3)


This is my third post on the August photo challenge I did.

Day 15_Perspective (a rat's-eye-view of the kitchen!)

Day 15_Perspective (a rat’s-eye-view of the kitchen!)

Further pics here…

Goal #52: My one-month photo challenge (Part 2)


This is Part 2 of my photo challenge posts. Part 1 is here.

Day 8_Small

Day 8_Small

More pics here…

Goal #52: My one-month photo challenge (Part 1)


Note: this would be such a pic-heavy post if I loaded all 31 pics at once, so I’ve split the post into a few parts 🙂

These are the keywords I chose for the August photo challenge that I’ve just completed:

Aug challenge

And here are the pics… Keep on reading…

Goal #100: My jewellery purge


Every once in a while it seems a drastic mental about-turn hits us, seemingly out of nowhere. Suddenly we see the world through different eyes and shift our values and attitudes in response. Ever experienced that?

Recently I was blindsided by an overwhelming desire to purge my life and home. All at once I noticed the clutter in my little cottage and saw how it was bogging me down. I came home one afternoon from work and just began throwing out years’ worth of junk. It was wonderfully freeing… and I’m not done yet!

Ready for a spring clean? Read more…

Goal #74: Celebrating Raksha Bandhan 2014


Namaste, everybody!

I realise I haven’t posted much up till now on my enjoyment of several aspects of Indian culture… but the Hindu celebration of Raksha Bandhan gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Hang on a sec! Did you just say Hindu, Zest? We thought you were supposed to be a Christian!

Yes of course I am. But that doesn’t make me afraid to learn about other cultures in the world. So if I hear of a tradition that strikes a chord in me without contradicting my beliefs, well – why not branch out a bit and have a little fun? 🙂

So how DO you celebrate Raksha Bandhan? Keep reading…

Little bits of progress


Hello sun-lovers! We haven’t quite sorted out the internet issues yet, but I’m trying to steal a bit of time wherever I can to upload some of the many posts on my mind.

As a means of getting up to date, let me share with you a number of goals from my 101 list that I’ve been working on over the last few months…

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Goal #49: Our housewarming party


Ah, now I know we are well and truly HOME! 🙂

Ninja and I finally managed to arrange our housewarming party, two months after we’d moved into our new place. It took the format of a tea party in the garden, because there was no way to squeeze 20-odd visitors inside our little cottage! In answer to prayer it was a gorgeous day out – clear blue Joburg winter skies; windstill and sunny – and so wonderful to have our dear friends gathering at our new address.

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Goal #28: A-maize-ing!

    Some weekends ago Ninja and I enjoyed a day at Honeydew Mazes with my best friend and her family. This was to celebrate El’s husband’s birthday, to treat their kiddies to an outdoor adventure and to check off another goal on my list 🙂

    Goal #28: Navigate a maze

    Goal #28: Navigate a maze

    The Honeydew A-maize-ing Mazes is a fantastic concept: make a huge maze out of maize plants, set up quizzes for teams to solve along the way, and change the design each year so it never gets old. The 2014 maze is in the shape of a dinosaur, and there’s a huge inflatable dino at the entrance to welcome visitors too.

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Happy World Baking Day!


Yay! Today was World Baking Day. It’s a fairly popular day, but I hope it’s also obscure enough to count towards Goal #36 on my list!

Biscotti 1

The premise behind World Baking Day is that those who love baking will pledge to bake something for someone in their lives, and give a reason. I would’ve liked to have baked for Ninja, as a token of my appreciation for how hard he’s been working as my provider, but… well… to bake something he’d truly enjoy, I’d have to bake little more than a plain vanilla cake! And of course I wanted to be a bit more adventurous than that 😉

So I’ve decided to bake for my parents and my colleagues: my parents coz they’ve helped us have a new home, and my work team just coz they’re such a great bunch of people 🙂

To celebrate this occasion I chose to try out a new recipe from a trusted source: Sharon Glass’s delicious book Sweet Endings. I picked her White Chocolate Coffee Biscotti, and for a good (though strange) reason. During my battle with eczema over the last few months, I’ve begun discovering a few dietary triggers that seem to cause my skin to flare up noticeably.

For the recipe and more, keep reading…