Yikes! It sure has been ages since I last posted! As always, I’ve missed my sunny scrapbook.

Firstly, I’ve been dealing with the sudden news that my best friend will soon be moving halfway across the country. It was a surprise to all of us, and I’ve been through the full range of emotions since the announcement. I started off being really sad and – quite frankly – self-focused about the whole thing. Friends like this special lady don’t come along very often in a lifetime, and I felt bereft at the thought that we wouldn’t just be able to pop in to see each other at any time. But once I got over myself, I could see what a brilliant answer to prayer this move would be for El.

In many ways, this is exactly what we’d been praying for together for her situation… though of course we hadn’t imagined such a drastic change of scenery! But I can see how the Lord is leading my sweet sister, and now I’m genuinely happy and excited for her. On a practical level, I’ve been busy helping her clean and pack and take trash to the dump whenever I get the chance. It’s been a wonderful time for us to realise (a) how much we’re going to miss each other and (b) how little actually has to change in our friendship. I’m already saving for my first trip to visit her in her new home, and she hasn’t even left yet!

The second thing that’s come up to test my faith (what a year!!) is that my Ninja may be out of a job again at the end of this month 😦 For reasons completely out of his control, he now has to begin the jobhunting process all over again. It’s pretty tough to stay chipper when faced with this twice in half a year, but we are convinced that the Lord is working in our lives with a purpose. Even if the only good that comes out of all these trials is stronger faith, it’s worth it. So on that front we continue to pray, hope and trust – and apply for work when reasonable opportunities arise.

Then, the third distraction that’s been keeping me away from my PC is, thankfully, a good one. I’ve been reading been absolutely enthralled by Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. Have you read it? I saw the movie first, but the book is something else altogether. If everyone wrote like this author does, I’d never want to close my eyes for the wonder and pathos and pleasure and poignancy of the world around me. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long while; just such a fresh take on narration and description, instead of tired old recycled sentences.

And I haven’t finished it yet. So with that, I think I’ll grab my book and head for bed now on this freezing cold night in Johannesburg 🙂 Hope it’s warmer where you are!


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