Minnie Mouse party and cake decorations


One of my friends enlisted my help for her daughters’ Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party this weekend. She made the cake and cupcakes, and I made the decor. It was only my second time working with fondant icing since the ninja cupcakes, and the first time I’d tried to decorate a whole cake with fondant. All in all, I’m pleased to say the results weren’t a total cake wreck! Plus, since my friend made all the goodies herself, I didn’t even have to break my March goal of no baking 😉

Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers

Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers

The main theme colours were pink and red, but I used a variety of colours and designs (as usual, since production-line kinda creativity isn’t really my style).

More Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers

More Minnie Mouse cupcake toppers

We had one large cake for the eldest birthday girl, a large cupcake for the little sister, and a number of normal cupcakes for the guests. My favourite part of the decor was definitely making the Minnie Mouse face for the large cake.

Minnie Mouse cake decoration

Minnie Mouse cake decoration

My methods may be those of a serious novice, but they worked. I got the template for the face here, printed it out on normal paper and ‘traced’ around it with a knife on the rolled-out white fondant. Then I cut out each section of the paper template and traced it onto the black, pink and red fondant. I added the finishing touches with edible ink.

When it came to covering the cake in icing, we decided on white and red with a pink strip, and black around the sides:

Cake under construction

The youngest daughter’s cupcake looked like this in the end:

Minnie Mouse mini cake

OK, I know it’s pretty plain, but to be fair… she’s only just turned one. I don’t think she would have appreciated anything more artistic: all she wanted was something to squelch in her hand and shove in her mouth 😉

As for the other cupcakes, we frosted them with pink butter icing and stuck a bow on each one.

Cupcakes: bright, beautiful, sweet AND fluffy!

Here are some pics from the final results on the day of the party…

Cake pops

Cake pops

I think these cake pops should count towards my Goal #42 – Eat 5 things I’ve never tried before. They were chocolatey and chewy and yummy. I also think we should have had a lighter hand when sprinkling on those dragees… they crunched so loudly when people bit into them that it sounded like horses munching on dry corncobs! Ow.

Minnie Mouse party

Minnie Mouse party

It was a scorching hot day, so unfortunately the poor fondant bows started to sag and melt…

Bye bye bows…

But the big cake made it to the end:

Minnie Mouse cake

Don’t you just love baking for birthday parties? 😀

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