Goal #28: A-maize-ing!

    Some weekends ago Ninja and I enjoyed a day at Honeydew Mazes with my best friend and her family. This was to celebrate El’s husband’s birthday, to treat their kiddies to an outdoor adventure and to check off another goal on my list 🙂

    Goal #28: Navigate a maze

    Goal #28: Navigate a maze

    The Honeydew A-maize-ing Mazes is a fantastic concept: make a huge maze out of maize plants, set up quizzes for teams to solve along the way, and change the design each year so it never gets old. The 2014 maze is in the shape of a dinosaur, and there’s a huge inflatable dino at the entrance to welcome visitors too.

    Honeydew A-maize-ing Mazes 2014

    Honeydew A-maize-ing Mazes 2014

    In addition to the main maize maze, there was a very clever smaller maze made of trimmed bushes, as well as several entertaining puzzles and games to trick our minds in the communal picnicking area.

    I was most impressed by the cheerful, friendly staff and the way the site caters for all ages. Apparently the Honeydew Mazes is one of Joburg’s best places to take kids – second only to the Gold Reef City theme park. I can see why parents would enjoy bringing their children to the mazes… the place makes everyone feel like a kid again in a way. But even if you’re in Jozi and don’t have kids, the mazes are just as much fun for adults too.

    At the end of the long sunny day, we all said we’d definitely like to go back again sometime 🙂

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