Mouse about the house


Hello sun-seekers 🙂

You might recall me introducing you to a cute fieldmouse that shares our new garden with us. Yes?

Well that same little bundle is almost entirely tame now! He’s grown a bit bigger (but not much) and he sports a beautiful golden coat with smart stripes.

Handsome striped fieldmouse

Handsome striped fieldmouse

This ‘wild’ rodent silently and adorably demands food from my parents every day, especially at lunchtime. If my mom forgets and leaves the kitchen door open, Mousie runs inside to find the humans who, he knows, will be unable to do anything but give in and feed him what he wants!

My mom can now stroke him as he noms away

My mom can now stroke him as he noms away

And what does he want? Nothing but the best Woolworths’ seeded wholegrain loaf for him! He deftly picks out every linseed and piece of cracked wheat, leaving behind a pile of plain breadcrumbs. Watching him, it’s hard to believe how much he can eat in one sitting.

I did a bit of googling on the African striped fieldmouse (Rhabdomys), because I was curious as to why we were seeing so much of him during the day. It turns out that this rodent species is unusual because it’s diurnal, instead of nocturnal like most other mice and rats. It does make for great photo opportunities, I must say!

Almost-tame mouse and almost-tame robin

Almost-tame mouse and almost-tame robin

The first wild creature to begin to trust my parents was the sweet little Cape robin-chat pictured above. He sings for his breakfast, lunch and supper every day – a bit of raw bacon or a small ball of cheese 🙂 Just like the mouse, Robin will take food from my parents’ hands and fly right onto the kitchen gate in order to get attention.

Mousie 4

What amazed me about Mousie is that he didn’t even flinch when I was taking these photos! As you may recall, I only have a 50mm prime lens on my camera (no zoom function), which means that I had to be really close to take a pic like the one above. There I was, crouching like a predator and snapping away in noisy burst mode only 30cm from this tiny wild mouse, yet he barely blinked.

What a blessing God’s beautiful creatures are! And I’m doubly blessed to finally live in a garden as rich as this one 🙂

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