Nikon or Canon? Edward or Jacob?


I’ve been researching which camera to get for my first DSLR, and like everyone I’ve had to face the Nikon vs Canon question. After a while it occurred to me that it’s not unlike the whole Twilight Team Edward vs Team Jacob battle… 😛




Nikon, of course, is the Edward of the two camera giants, since both:

– have been around for about 100 years (Nikon originally founded in 1917)

– are beautiful to look at (Nikon DSLRs are offered in some lovely colours)

– are competitive by nature (Nikon is always at the cutting edge of technology)

– sparkle in the sunlight (Nikon is known for its excellent glass (quality lenses))


On the other side of the fence is Canon, which is like Jacob because they both:


– are relatively young (Canon began around the 1930s)

– are ‘as easy as breathing’ to be around (Canon always scores highest in ease of use)

– are kind and supportive (Canon is the most user-friendly, family-friendly option)

– don’t come at such a high price (Canon’s offerings are kinder on the budget)



As with both of the Twilight heroes, both of the camera manufacturers pack a punch and have compelling reasons for being chosen. It’s taken weeks of research for me to make a choice between the two.

Of course I know that these aren’t the only two brands of excellent DSLR equipment out there… but unfortunately in SA we have limited access to certain brands: manufacturers such as Olympus and Pentax hardly have any presence in my country. Because of this, I had to narrow it down to the two ‘big guns’ so that I can buy into a DSLR system that I can readily find in South Africa.

So which did I choose? Well, I know I’ve said before that in terms of Twilight I’m a wolfy Jacob fan… but if you’ve watched Twilight then you know who gets chosen in the end.

That’s right. Edward :mrgreen:


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    • Hehe, sorry 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with Canon; I just prefer the specs on the Nikons. When I do eventually get my camera I’ll be sure to post about it!

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