Mixed blessings


Wow, it’s an utterly freezing cold grey day in Jo’burg today. Biting wind, gusts of rain and sombre grey clouds blanketing the skies. It’s the perfect weather to attempt to bake some bread, based on this great recipe… but unfortunately it didn’t turn out so well.

Sob! I have visions of myself being the ultimate housewife, whipping up a steaming pot of soup and a freshly baked bread on icy days like this… but the reality is that we’ll be ordering in for dinner because I’ve run out of both ingredients and chutzpah now. Bleh. 🙄

The bread (or edible parts thereof) actually tasted delicious, so my mess isn’t meant to reflect poorly on the recipe at all. I’m sure in more skilled hands it would have come out flawlessly. In my case I had to add some extra water because for some reason my dough was far too dry… and then – because my oven is a temperamental old thing – I had to bake the bread for half an hour longer than the recipe suggested… and even then, only one third of the loaf was edible: the rest was doughy mush. As if that wasn’t saddening enough, I took lovely photos throughout… which I have just accidentally shift+deleted 😦

Not. My. Day.

Anyway, so darling hubby is out rescuing me by getting us takeaways. And while I wait for the meal that someone else will mercifully prepare for me, I thought I’d blog about a mixed blessing that’s recently come my way.

I’ve been offered a temp position at my previous company, to work in-house for three months, from early May to early Aug. There are both pros and cons to accepting an offer like this. The main con is that it will take me away from my home duties, which means Ninja and I will have to multitask like crazy again to keep things running smoothly with working, shopping and housework. The other thing that makes it not so great is that if today’s weather is a foretaste of how our winter is going to be, it’ll be very tough to get used to leaving early… or even getting out of bed!

But those are not impossible or unbearable obstacles, I know. I guess I’ve just settled into my homely comfort zone so well, it will seem odd to go back to what I left behind. On the plus side, however, I have several motivating factors – one of which is money. And not just money for money’s sake. But money for my dream camera! :mrgreen:

Ninja and I have budgeted that after all our expenses are covered, this work opportunity should allow me to put aside a substantial sum towards getting my first DSLR and related kit. That alone makes all the disadvantages of working outside the home fade away 🙂

To keep myself motivated through the winter (the time of year I’m most likely to feel a bit gloomy), I created a poster of two goals I hope to reach after this season of working is over. I’ve stuck it up in a prominent spot and hope it will help me to stay focused on what I want to achieve through this busy season. The main goal is my camera and the second goal is staying fit and training for my first 5km run, which takes place in October.

Poster of goals

Poster of goals

On the left of the poster you can see health-related pics, such as orange juice to remind me to boost my immune system through the winter months. The rest of the poster is devoted to my dream cam (the Nikon D7100, which I plan to post about separately) and miscellaneous photography gear.

But now you’ll have to excuse me.

My chicken-pine-salad wrap has just arrived 😉

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    • Thanks so much 🙂 DSLR stands for ‘digital single-lens reflex’, and it refers to those cameras that have a mirror that reflects the image up into the viewfinder (as opposed to the new mirrorless cameras that allow the image to reach the sensor directly) and use interchangeable lenses. It’s the next step in photography for me, since I’ve only used point-and-shoot and ‘superzoom’ cameras up to now 🙂

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  3. Sorry you all are having crummy winter weather still too! It was snowing really hard this morning when I woke up- I’m SO over this weather and ready for spring!

    I love the motivational poster you made, that’s such a great way to stay focused!

  4. I so understand the disappointment making bread. It is something that I find so difficult to master. It’s never right and it’s so frustrating! I like your inspiration poster. Great goals to help you get through the winter blahs :). ~maria

  5. That’s an awesome poster!! Are you trying to get white tigers he he sneak him/her in? Wow your going to be quite the photographer~That will be cool having different lenses.

    • LOL, so you spotted the tigers! 😀 Some white tigers would be great to throw into the mix, but no… I added that sticker to symbolise Ninja and I, to remind me to pay attention to our relationship even through the busy times 😉 I’m soooo excited about the camera, but it’s gonna be a steep learning curve for sure!

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