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Flaming frozen yoghurt


I’m a big fan of Woolworths food. They concoct such a delicious variety of treats – and not all of them are destined to add blubber 🙂 Possibly my favourite Woolies invention is their Slimmer’s Choice Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt. So it was only natural that this would be the ideal way to wrap up our 7-course dinner. Ninja preferred his plain, but I topped my vanilla scoops with a fiery homemade hotsauce. Yum!

Vanilla frozen yoghurt and homemade hotsauce

200 ml strawberry juice

3 T white sugar


Tabasco sauce

Making hotsauce

1. Gently heat the strawberry juice and sugar in a pot.

2. Mix a little cornflour (approx. 1 t) with 3 t water. Add to juice in pot.

3. Stir well so the mix doesn’t stick to the pot. Add Tabasco sauce to taste. Allow to thicken.

4. Pour warm sauce over cold yoghurt and enjoy.

Om nom nom nom!


1. Instead of water, I used 3 t beetroot juice, because I wanted the sauce a hot pink colour to match our dinner theme (and I didn’t have food colouring on hand).

2. The sauce becomes gelatinous as it thickens and cools. I made mine a few hours ahead of time and just warmed it up on the stove 5 minutes before I needed it.

3. I know shops overseas sell hotsauces specially made for use with dessert, but I’ve never seen anything like that on South African shelves. What’s nice about this homemade recipe is you can vary it, using different fruit juice flavours etc.