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Paperwork, pedigrees and pics


So! We’ve signed the contracts for our new boys and received their pedigrees. Only four sleeps left till we fetch our newbies from the airport! :mrgreen:

The contract is a standard one that all proper breeders will require prospective rat owners to sign. I guess it must be similar to contracts from breeders of other pedigreed animals. It’s simply an agreement between Ninja and I and Wheatfields Rattery, to ensure that:

  • we don’t breed with our new bubs
  • the rats can be confiscated if we don’t care for them properly, and
  • the rats must never be sold to a pet shop – if for any reason we can’t keep them anymore, they must go back to the breeder.

The pedigrees are what you would expect: documents showing the ratties’ ancestry as far back as their great-great grandparents. This time on the pedigrees, the breeder used the names we’ve called the rats, which is cool and very official 😉

Today the breeder took the boys to the lady who’ll be the one arranging the flight. Before they left their only known home, though, they had one last photoshoot:

Moon – Black lightning-blazed vari-berk

Moon – Black lightning-blazed vari-berk

Knight – Black Berkshire

Knight – Black Berkshire

Mishka – Russian Blue striped roan dumbo

Mishka – Russian Blue striped roan dumbo

Vodka – Russian Blue striped roan

Vodka – Russian Blue striped roan

The breeder says they’re unstoppably active at this stage, which is going to be a major change for us now that we’re used to the quiet slow pace of lady Flea-Flea 🙂

It’s also interesting to see how my boys are starting to fade already. Some rats are very fast faders, while other coat colours and genes hardly fade at all. I hope they’ll still keep some of their beautiful silvery colouring though!

Anyway, so it’s been a great journey for me taking you through this series of posts on the process of ordering new ratties. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Little remains for Ninja and I to do other than to thoroughly clean their future home, prepare some welcome-home snacks, and wait to hear what time their flight from Cape Town should arrive in Joburg.

Till then, have a sunny week!


A bundle of brothers


Only two weeks to go until we bring our new ratties home! 😀

The breeder has now placed all our boys together, so there won’t be any intros for us to worry about when they arrive. As far as they’re concerned, they’re all brothers now 🙂

Here are a few of the latest pics (all courtesy of Wheatfields Rattery of course, though I didn’t get a chance to watermark them).

From left: Vodka, Moon, Mishka (standing) and Knight.

Vodka, Moon, Mishka and Knight

Some curiosity from Vodka. And you can see Mishka’s widely spaced dumbo ears here as he grooms.

Boys 2

The breeder explained that the ratties are a blur of activity at this age. I love their inquisitive little faces and interest in their world. Here you can see Moon’s almost ‘piebald’ markings.

Boys 3

Knight looks a lot like Flea, but there’s no mistaking that teeny white chin! *melt*

Boys 4

It’s cute how long and stretchy-looking the ratties are at this age. Their colourings and markings are also showing clearly now, and it will be interesting to see whether they fade or change over time.

Boys 5

I can’t wait to meet these cuties!!! We’ve been stocking up on plenty interesting toys and cage treats for them, which I hope to post about soon…

Also, our old Flea is doing fairly well. Her hind leg degeneration (HLD) is more pronounced now, but she’s still up and about each day. I enjoyed a lovely nap with her the other evening; a warm soft ball of elderly pet rat, bruxing with happiness as she fell asleep by me. Ninja and I are giving her loads of affection, knowing that each day is a chance to appreciate our old girl.

She struggles to eat hard foods now, so I cook or mash up most of her food, which she then devours. The other day I made her some peas, but had to shell and soften them for her as her little hands don’t grip things as well as they used to. Next weekend will be her 2nd birthday (the equivalent of her 60th in human years); Lord willing I can throw her a little party with special treats and lots of love 🙂

Ah, now we see!


The baby ratties‘ eyes opened this past week! I told you they just get cuter by the day… :mrgreen:

This is what their breeder had to say about them at this age:

Now with their eyes open they start to explore their cage a little bit. This gives their poor moms a hard time as they still want to keep the babies bundled in the nest; while she is collecting the babies one at a time to carry back to the nest, the ones she has packed back in are passing her on their way out to continue exploring!

Hahaha! 😀

Of course you’ll want to see pictures. But first, I must publish a quick erratum: Ninja told me that his black Berkie isn’t Night – his name is Knight. OK. So now we know 😉

And now for the pics!

Here are Knight (in front) and Moon at 15 days old.

Moon and Knight 1

Their little eyes aren’t fully opened yet, which makes them look adorably sleepy!

Moon and Knight 2

Here you can see Moon’s beautiful blaze. I also like his gentle expression. But it looks like he can be playful too!

Moon and Knight 3

I love how ratties always need to be close to other ratties 🙂

Moon and Knight 4

And here are my boys, also at 15 days of age. Say hello to Mishka and Vodka:

Vodka and Mishka 1

You can see Mishka’s big round dumbo ears quite clearly in some of these pics. Here he is striking a pose…

Vodka and Mishka 2

Don’t these ratties just look so clean and shiny? 🙂 And that beautiful grey-blue colouring goes well with the snowy white for a truly Russian-themed pair!

Vodka and Mishka 5

It’s an overload of cuteness and I am so excited to meet them! They look infinitely cuddly 😛

Vodka and Mishka 4

It’s amazing to think that only two short weeks ago, these little guys were helpless, hairless pinkies. Ratties’ lives are so short, so I’m glad to enjoy each stage of their development.

Our old girl Flea is getting noticeably older now. She’s our first ratty to survive into old age with us, so it’s a new experience. While it’s always sad to see the slow decline of an animal that you’ve loved, there are positive sides to her ageing too. The best part is how much she asks for affection and wants to be close to us. She was never a ‘lap ratty’ until her op and of course the loss of her sister, but since then she spends much longer with us outside the cage before showing signs she wants to go back.

We are doing all we can to keep her warm, loved and well-fed, and we hope she’ll keep going strong to see her 2nd birthday at the end of August and the arrival of the new boys a few weeks later.

Precious old girl

Precious old girl

Booking the boys


Sorry to keep you waiting… but here they are: pics of the baby boys at 10 days old!

If you thought the pinkies were cute and the parents were pretty, you’ll love these fuzzies.

Boys from Litter 1

Boys from Litter 1

Those were the males born to Count Fleet and Salvia. And these little guys are the boys from Salix and Juniper:

Boys from Litter 2

Boys from Litter 2

Such silky babies! I’d take them all home if I could 😉 But of course Ninja and I had to pick just two each…

My choice was easy. I’d been hoping for at least one dumbo-eared boy and one Russian Blue or Russian Silver boy. So I immediately booked the two Russian Blue brothers from Litter 1, one of which is dumbo eared! 😀

My boys

My boys

Ninja’s choice was just as instant: he picked the black Berkshire and one of the lightning-blazed boys from Litter 2:

Ninja's boys

Ninja’s boys

Squeeeeeee! 🙂

And of course we’ve already picked out names for them. Since mine are Russian Blue rats, I wanted Russian names… so the standard-eared boy is going to be Vodka and the dumbo will be Mishka (meaning ‘little bear’ or ‘teddy bear’ in Russian). Mishka is my first ratty to break away from my usual choice of ‘foodie’ names for my rats (Muesli, Coffee, Vodka), but I like the way it works with Vodka.

Ninja immediately dubbed his boys Night (the black Berkshire) and Moon (the blazed boy; if you look closely you can see a sickle-moon shape in the white blaze on his head). I did warn Ninja, though, that I’ll probably end up taking liberties with those names, because I find two-syllabled pet names are easier to call out.

But anyway, are these guys nunu or what? :mrgreen:

Meet the parents…


As you may have guessed, our new rats are not just ‘any old rodents’ :mrgreen:

They’re Wheatfields bubs, sourced from one of the best-loved pedigreed-rat breeders in South Africa. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Among the members of our lively South African rat club, Wheatfields Rattery is known for raising beautiful, healthy and exceptionally well-socialised fancy rats. Everyone speaks fondly of their ‘WF kids’. Our first male pet rats, Scribble and Muesli, were Wheatfields boys too.

So it’s with that as a backdrop that I present to you the parents of our new furballs… *drumroll please*

Litter 1

This beautiful boy is Count Fleet, dad to the kittens of Litter 1. He’s a handsome black roan badger husky, with those huge dumbo ears that I’ve been longing to see in in a rat of my own 🙂

WF Count Fleet

WF Count Fleet

Count Fleet was mated to this gentle-looking Russian Blue striped roan girl, who has standard ears. Her name is Salvia, and isn’t she stunning? I’m a big fan of that soft silvery-blue colouring.

WF Salvia

Litter 2

You’d be forgiven for thinking it, but no, this isn’t our current girl Flea!

Meet Salix, the father of Litter 2. He’s a fine glossy black Berkshire gentleman with standard ears, and apparently a lovely personality to match.

WF Salix

WF Salix

And last but not least, this pretty lass is Juniper. She’s a black striped roan, also with standard ears, and mom to the bubs of Litter 2. That little round tummy of hers is just begging to be kissed! 😉

WF Juniper

WF Juniper

With such a varied lineage it was anyone’s guess as to what would turn up in the litters, but when we saw the resulting boys, we were smitten…

Stay tuned for the next installment: choosing and booking the boys! 😀



Exciting news, everyone! I recently heard from the breeder that the litters of new fancy rats we’ve been expecting were born on the 4th of July! (That should appeal to my American friends, though it’s not a significant date here in South Africa.) 🙂

Anyway, here are the pics of the boys from each litter – helpless and hairless and utterly gorgeous – at two days of age:

Boys from Litter 1

Baby rats at this stage are called pinkies, and you can see why. But they’re not always pink. The boys from Litter 2 were already very dark at two days old, showing how dark they’ll be when they get their fur:

Boys from Litter 2

Boys from Litter 2

Aren’t they adorable? :mrgreen:

OK, I know you can’t tell much from these pics. While pinkies are sweet in their own right, there’s even more cuteness to be had as they grow 🙂

Next up: the fuzzy stage. But first let me introduce you to the parents…