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Salmon fishing in Johannesburg


It’s offishal: rats love salmon!

Recently our boys got a taste of smoked trout ribbons and salmon fish spread. (I know, they eat better than some people do. I feel bad about that sometimes. For a second or two. It’s not as though withholding a treat from my bubs will magically feed someone somewhere – it wouldn’t feed anyone at all, considering the tiny amounts it takes to please these guys…)

Anyway, they went crazy for the fishy treats, and I managed to snap a few pics of the fun 🙂

rats eat fish 1

Moon grabbing and Mishka begging

Vodka testing the taste

Voddy. Must. Have. More!

Knight's desperate flying leap to get to his fish

Knight’s desperate flying leap to get to his fish

Definitely Ninja's rat!

Definitely Ninja’s rat!

Mishka asks so nicely...

Mishka asks so nicely…

Teddy bear with his fishy feast

Teddy bear with his fishy feast

Those smoked trout ribbons were their best treat so far, but on a separate occasion I mixed some salmon fish spread with brown rice and veggies for their supper. That was gulped down just as quickly:

Hmmm, need a bigger bowl?

Hmmm, need a bigger bowl?

It looks like a hug, but it’s actually a warning

Mishka's nearly there...

With Tiny out the way, Mishka’s nearly there…



Footnote: Just so you know, rats are only allowed high-protein treats once in a while, and even then only in small samplings. Too much protein can cause their skin to become very itchy and scabby, almost like an allergic reaction. Under normal circumstances a pet rat only needs about 10% of its diet to consist of protein, and definitely no more than 18%. Our rats have almost no protein in their staple diet, so treats such as these once in a while are fine. And as with human diets, variation and moderation are vital 🙂


Salmon cucumber cups


As an appetiser in the first course of my 7-course dinner, I made these simple, sweet cucumber cups. You can find endless variations on this idea around the web, but the recipe below is my own.

Salmon cucumber cups

Salmon cucumber cups served with vine-ripened cherry tomatoes and cream cheese squares

1 large English cucumber

1 tin Alaskan red salmon, cleaned

2 T mayonnaise

1 T chutney

1 T tomato sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

A splash of lemon juice


1. Peel the cucumber in any design you prefer. Discard the rounded end bits.

2. Slice the cucumber into 4–6 rounds of about 3 cm each.

3. Using a teaspoon or a melon baller, remove most of the insides of each round, to form a little cup.

4. Mix all the other ingredients together and spoon into the cucumber cups.


These were easy to make ahead of time, and the crisp cool cucumber offered a refreshing contrast to the sweet, tangy fish mix. As you can see, I served them with Kiri cream cheese squares and cherry tomatoes. Yum!

Appetiser course