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Booking the boys


Sorry to keep you waiting… but here they are: pics of the baby boys at 10 days old!

If you thought the pinkies were cute and the parents were pretty, you’ll love these fuzzies.

Boys from Litter 1

Boys from Litter 1

Those were the males born to Count Fleet and Salvia. And these little guys are the boys from Salix and Juniper:

Boys from Litter 2

Boys from Litter 2

Such silky babies! I’d take them all home if I could 😉 But of course Ninja and I had to pick just two each…

My choice was easy. I’d been hoping for at least one dumbo-eared boy and one Russian Blue or Russian Silver boy. So I immediately booked the two Russian Blue brothers from Litter 1, one of which is dumbo eared! 😀

My boys

My boys

Ninja’s choice was just as instant: he picked the black Berkshire and one of the lightning-blazed boys from Litter 2:

Ninja's boys

Ninja’s boys

Squeeeeeee! 🙂

And of course we’ve already picked out names for them. Since mine are Russian Blue rats, I wanted Russian names… so the standard-eared boy is going to be Vodka and the dumbo will be Mishka (meaning ‘little bear’ or ‘teddy bear’ in Russian). Mishka is my first ratty to break away from my usual choice of ‘foodie’ names for my rats (Muesli, Coffee, Vodka), but I like the way it works with Vodka.

Ninja immediately dubbed his boys Night (the black Berkshire) and Moon (the blazed boy; if you look closely you can see a sickle-moon shape in the white blaze on his head). I did warn Ninja, though, that I’ll probably end up taking liberties with those names, because I find two-syllabled pet names are easier to call out.

But anyway, are these guys nunu or what? :mrgreen: