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Goal #22: Bake 5 different cakes – done!


Greetings from a very wet and surprisingly cold Johannesburg!

This sure is baking weather we’ve been having, so recently I decided to bake my fifth and final cake to tick off my 22nd goal. You see, even though some goals will be changing soon, I’m still working on a few that are staying on my list 🙂

The cake I chose was a buttermilk and pecan cake, from this recipe.

Buttermilk cake (plain and with pecans)

Unfortunately, I can’t say I was amazingly impressed with the results. Which is no reflection on the original recipe – it’s just that after going from this cake and that one then on to this one and that one, the buttermilk cake with pecans didn’t exactly make my tastebuds samba, if you know what I’m sayin’!

The recipe worked well but the flavours were a bit mild (the plain version was for Ninja, of course, and the nutty one for me). Plus, although the cake was tasty straight out of the oven, it didn’t keep very well and became a bit mushy. So it wasn’t the flashiest way to end off my five forays into cake baking…

Buttermilk pecan cake 2

Nevertheless, my Goal #22 is now complete. Of all the recipes I tried, my favourite by far was Kate Bracks’s lime, coconut and sour cream cake. That was gobbled up so quickly I didn’t get a chance to test how well it would keep! Second to that was the lovely fresh raspberry cake, and in third place I’d rate the versatile eggless custard cake.

This was a great goal to have on my list, especially because previously I used to only bake cupcakes and be worried that actual cakes would be flops. Now I know that if you pick a good recipe, and if you’re brave enough to experiment sometimes, there’s no need to fear the art of caking 😀

Lime, sour cream & coconut cake


For National Women’s Day this past week I baked my third ever cake, thanks to the delicious recipe from Kate Bracks, winner of MasterChef Australia Season 3.

Cake batter

Cake batter

And wow, all I can say to you is: Bake. This. Cake!

Lime juice and zest

Lime juice and zest

The recipe is easy and the ingredients not too pricey; the method is also interesting because of the hot syrup you pour over at the end. I was intrigued by the use of sour cream, but it works a treat, and this cake really is as moist as Kate promises.

Lime, sour cream and coconut cake (thanks to Kate Bracks)

Kate also suggests eating this cake with fresh cream and blueberries, but when I shared this cake with my best friend and later with my parents, none of us remembered the berries and cream. We were too busy enjoying the cake exactly as it is!

This recipe is definitely a keeper, and was a tasty way to work on one of my goals 🙂