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What do you collect?


Do you have a hobby or tradition of collecting something interesting? I used to love collecting items when I was a kid… from stickers to old perfume bottles (which gave off such a collective heady pong that I eventually scrapped that!)… I’m not a fan of too much clutter, but I do like meaningful collections 🙂

About two years ago, Ninja and I suddenly decided to start a tradition of collecting fridge magnets from our day trips and other travels. We don’t have a massive collection, but it’s colourful and unique and grows a little bigger each year.

Our magnets so far

Our magnets so far

The first magnet with the dangling metal skulls was what started it all: a souvenir from our trip to Sterkfontein Caves at the so-called ‘Cradle of Mankind’ just outside Joburg. The next was from a romantic long weekend we took to a log cabin in Dullstroom (briefly mentioned here).

The next five magnets are all from highlights of our last long holiday along South Africa’s West Coast: the Butterflies for Africa butterfly sanctuary, the Durban waterfront, uShaka Marine World and the birds and crocodiles we saw at CrocWorld.

In the next row you can see magnets commemorating our trip to the Montecasino Bird Gardens and the South African Lipizzaners. The tiny bird magnet is from the Sasol Bird Fair, and the ratty is from the World of Dogs and Cats (WODAC) pet expo this year.

The rat club stand at WODAC sold the cutest ratty magnets, so of course we got the whole set :mrgreen:

Rat magnets

Rat magnets

In case you can’t read the text on them, the sayings are:

  • A balanced person has a rat on each shoulder
  • GGMRS – Gotta Get More Rats Syndrome
  • Rat addiction is not fattening
  • My rats live here, you don’t
  • The rat race is over. The rats won!

So, what do you collect? 🙂


Christmas in July


Our lovely South African rat club has organised a ‘Christmas in July’ gift swap for rat lovers across South Africa. This is the first year I’ve taken part, and it’s been a lot of fun. So far I have posted off my gift box to my Secret Santa (SS), and am waiting eagerly to receive the one destined for me :mrgreen:

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the gifts I got for my SS… my choices were obviously based on her preferences…

Xmas in July 1

Ratty Christmas card and rat/cat beanie

Xmas in July 2

Ratty crackers (filled with banana chips), choc-covered sunflower seeds, mouse-themed notepad and giraffe fridge magnet

Xmas in July 4

Giraffe pic, bunny keychain, Wine Gums, purple-and-grey phone charm, coin purse and facecloth

I love giving and receiving gifts, so an idea like this is perfect for me 🙂 Can’t wait to see what my SS comes up with for my parcel!