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FF VII Cloud Strife’s Fenrir (Cloudy Wolf) earrings – all mine!


The great thing about being married to a ninja is that life is full of surprises! My darling husband recently treated me to a really cool gift, which arrived today all the way from Singapore: my very own Cloud Strife Fenrir/Cloudy Wolf earrings, made famous in Final Fantasy VII. Check it out:

The funny thing is, I’m not really a FF fan, although I enjoyed parts of the movie. Ninja is the real fan, and even played the game back in the day. So why get me these earrings?

It’s not just because they’re so epic. It’s because wolves are my number one favourite animal, and I’ve never seen wolf jewellery that comes close to being as striking as Cloud’s silver Fenrir. Have you?

I did a bit of reading online to understand the back story to this symbol, and it seems that Final Fantasy uses the wolf to symbolise several things for Cloud, including his loss of good friends and his isolation. For me personally, the wolf symbol has connotations of freedom, fearlessness and an intuitive relating to the world. Plus, it’s just an exquisite beast 🙂