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A Christmas tail

A furry merry Christmas to you!

A furry merry Christmas to you!

Greetings, sunshine lovers!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas ūüôā

At the tail end of the Christmas celebrations, I wanted to share with you the poem I wrote for my friends at the South African rat club this year.

A Christmas tail


Imagine with me

if you will

that on that starry night


as shepherds praised

and wise men bowed

to meet the Child of light


between the cattle

through the hay

ran tiny gel-pink feet


and whiskers twitched

and black eyes glowed

to see the Child so sweet


With yellow teeth

and scaly tail

and fur as soft as fleece


a humble rodent

scurried in

to greet the Child of peace


Of course a rat

of all things made

could find its way in there


It scampered close

and sat quite still

to watch the Child so fair


Then bursting into

happy bruxing

to witness Christmas morn


a simple ratty

sang its joy-song

to the King there born.

(Please note: As with¬†all the other content¬†on this site, this poem is copyrighted to me. You may not use it without permission. Please contact me for any re-use requests. Thank you. ‚Äď Zest)


Blessed CHRISTmas!


Hello friends and followers ūüôā

It’s Christmas tomorrow, and I’m so thankful at this¬†time for the birth of the only Saviour ‚Äď Jesus Christ the¬†Son of God. Although perhaps only a few of you reading this actually¬†know and love the¬†Lord,¬†I hope none of¬†you will let¬†the true meaning of Christmas¬†get swept away by the¬†ridiculous hype that the world has made of it.

This Christmas, I hope you will realise that that baby whose birthday we celebrate tomorrow¬†can only¬†bring us joy, hope and peace at Christmas because He also grew up to face the cross at Easter.¬†His birth¬†was only the beginning¬†of the promise ‚Ästand there’s really no use celebrating it if you haven’t also¬†trusted in His¬†work on the cross.¬†Jesus was sent into this world, not to bring us candy and gifts when we’ve been good, but to stand in our place to take the full wrath of the Most High God for all the times we haven’t been good!

And yet… in His kind providence and common grace, the Lord does also grant us the other side of Christmas as we’ve come to know it: the rest as the year draws to a close, the chance to see friends and family, the opportunity to travel away from home, the fun of sharing gifts with those we love¬†and the¬†time to enjoy¬†delicious meals together.

All of these things, while they have nothing to do with the biblical reason for Christmas, are still good gifts in and of themselves.¬†By grace we have the freedom to enjoy them ‚Äď with moderation and gratitude, of course. This common grace extends even to those who reject Christ as the only way to reach a holy God. He’s good to them too, even when they don’t acknowledge it.

So¬†tomorrow I look forward to both aspects of the special day. I am eager to celebrate and worship with my church family, knowing that ‘Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief’ (1 Tim 1:15). And I am also¬†keen to spend time with friends and family, enjoying special meals, sharing gifts and thanking God for¬†placing these people in my life.

I wish you the same ūüôā

Christmas 2013


A Liebster award!


I was kindly nominated for a Liebster award by¬†Busy Darling¬†‚Äď an¬†ADHD blogger (that’s meant as a compliment,¬†btw!)¬†who shares my love for rats ūüôā Hint: Go check out her style blog too ūüôā


From what I gather, this award is to celebrate those bloggers who are inspirational and/or ‘up and coming’. Plus, there’s a list of questions to answer and ask in return.

So here are my answers to Busy Darling’s questions:

1) What is your earliest memory? ‚Äď Running to my dad, crying, because I had a thorn (an¬†especially nasty¬†one called a ‘dubbeltjie’ in Afrikaans) stuck in my foot. I must have been about 2 years old, but I can remember the sunlight on that¬†day¬†and the hope that my dad would fix me… which he did¬†ūüôā

2) Describe your natural environment. ‚Äď A very green leafy suburb in Jozi.

3) What is your pet peeve? ‚Äď Uh, I hate to admit it, but I actually have quite a few ;-P Fake people. Small talk. Crass jokes. Blasphemy and swearing. Et cetera ūüôā

4) What is your favourite colour? ‚Äď How can I choose?! I LOVE colours ūüėÄ It’s probably easier to list the colours I don’t like: ochre, olive green, drab browns and reds. Other than that I love all bright, cheerful and preferably neon colours!

5) What is your maybe-one-day dream car? ‚Äď If it ever worked out, I would love to drive a restored version of the OLD Fiat 500 (not that new overpriced modern one).

6) And your keep-on-dreaming dream car? ‚Äď Without a doubt, the Audi R8. In lime green and black. Ahhhh yeahhhh!

7) Name 3 items of clothing that define your style. ‚Äď I used to have an awesome style all my own but I guess I kinda lost that somewhere on the way… But 3 items that have stayed with me since those days are my funky hat covered in badges, my bright orange beanie and my collection of random jewellery.

8) Do you have any scars on your body? ‚Äď Yes I do… and my ratties¬†keep adding more (especially during their¬†bathtime when they’re desperately trying to escape the water)!

9) What inspired you lately? ‚Äď The discovery of customising your own¬†Moleskine diary/planner. Where have you been all my life?!

10) What was your last awkward moment? ‚Äď Now that I think about it, it’s actually been a while. Great stuff for someone who only opens her mouth to change feet…

11) What was the last thing that made you smile? ‚Äď The funny way rats groom so fastidiously. It’s as though they try to pull their ears into their mouths to wash them! It results in some funny expressions, as Vodka and Mishka¬†model for us below:

Ear wash

Ear wash 2

Here are my nominations:

1. http://setapartemiratesgirl.wordpress.com/

2. http://clownyfish.wordpress.com/

3. http://nomineuk.wordpress.com/

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8. http://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/

9. http://valleysandhieghts.wordpress.com/

10. http://godinfitness.wordpress.com/

11. http://sinaithegreat.wordpress.com/

And here are my questions:

1. What’s your main reason for blogging?

2. Three favourite flavours?

3. What’s the funkiest thing you’ve ever done with your hair?

4. Where was the last holiday you took?

5. Favourite pet?

6. What do you enjoy most about Christmas?

7. Who’s your role model and why?

8. One dream you think you’ll never realise?

9. Do you use a diary or daily planner?

10. What are your three most cherished possessions?

11. When last did you do a random act of kindness?

Thanks once again Busy Darling! :mrgreen:

Christmas in July Part 2


The Christmas in July gifts for me and Flea finally arrived in the post! I raced home from the post office to unwrap the box… with Flea’s help ūüėČ

Our Secret Santa (SS) was very generous!!!

Christmas in July 2013

Christmas in July 2013

Inside the box we found…

  • two small boxes (a pink one and a blue one, for Flea and the new boys respectively) filled with all manner of tasty ratty treats: mini Marie biscuits, choc-coated sunflower seeds, yoghurt drops and rooibos biscuits
  • three cute rat-themed decals
  • the Ratatouille movie DVD (which we’ve never watched before, shame on us!)
  • a fleecy tunnel for the rat cage
  • and a stunning necklace for me!
Flea tastes her first-ever yogi

Flea tastes her first-ever yogi

My gorgeous new necklace

My gorgeous new necklace

Rat treats in a jar with a ratty decal

Rat treats in a jar with a ratty decal

That was the best fun I’ve had in the middle of winter in a long time :mrgreen:

Count me in for next year’s one!

Goal #49


Christmas provided an easy way to meet goal #49: Decorate for a holiday. Here are a few pics for proof ūüôā

Goal #49

My hand-drawn wreath

Goal #49

Table decor for our family lunch

Goal #49

A token nod to the emptiness of consumeristic Christmases… A friend gave me this tiny tree over a decade ago, and it’s enough tree for me!

Goal #43 ‚Äď Just in time for Christmas


As Christmas has rolled around (just saying that makes me think of¬†the rolling around we’re likely to do after Christmas… all those festive feasts!), I’ve found an opportunity to accomplish another of the goals on my list. This time it was #43: Give someone a handmade gift. I’ve baked several batches of my favourite ginger¬†biscuits¬†and packaged them like this:


I popped packets of 10 biscuits, tied with tinsel (or ribbon), inside small brown paper bags. Then, using mini wooden pegs from a craft shop, I pegged a pretty teabag (from Pukka) onto the bag.

Homemade Christmas gifts

As a final touch, I decorated the pegs with small silver charms of teabags, teapots and teacups:


I’ve given these to quite a few friends I’ve seen so far, and plan on making a few more batches tomorrow in time for handing out on Christmas day.¬†Homemade treats¬†are such a cost-effective way of giving gifts, and the extra touches¬†with the¬†presentation have drawn as many exclamations of¬†‘Oh, wow!’ as the biscuits themselves!