Home at last



Hello there friends!

I’m back at last, finding a new normal with my Ninja and the fuzzies in our brand new home. Thanks for your patience while I was away; I’ve missed reading your blogs and sending out some cyber scribbles of my own 😉

Wow, what an adventure the past few weeks have been! Moving house sure is messy, whether you do it all in one go or bit-by-bit over many weekends like we did. Towards the end we were sleeping on just a couch cushion on the floor, with no furniture or appliances left except a tiny bar fridge that held only a few meals’ worth of groceries, and clocking hundreds of kilometres driving back and forth between the two homes on weekends. Exhausting.

Our new cottage is also a tad smaller than the flat we left, so once we got here we had to perform a ruthless purge of many of our possessions in order to fit into the new space. Thankfully our move fell over a time of year when South Africans enjoyed four consecutive weeks with at least one public holiday each week. I also took some leave from work, which definitely helped keep me sane 🙂

Now that the chaos is over and there are only three or four boxes left to unpack, the cottage is finally beginning to feel like home to us. The Lord has been very gracious to us, protecting our homes and vehicles as we moved our possessions across the city from flat to cottage. The weather has also been ideal for getting things done, as it’s cooler but still sunny and pleasant. I also see much mercy in that my job became suddenly busy just before I went on leave, but I was able to take the leave anyway – I wouldn’t have coped very well if I’d been working that hard and moving house.

I’ve gradually begun decorating various rooms as I’ve settled in, and I hope to share some pics with you where I can. I’m still praying for an opportunity to get a wider-angle lens for my beast sometime soon, because my 50mm prime on my crop-sensor cam doesn’t make indoor photography very easy 😛 But that’s a topic for another day…

For now, it’s great to be back. I have a few updates and stories to share already, so keep an eye out for the sun in your inbox again! 🙂

Happy days,



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  3. Glad you’re back and happy that you were able to rise above the rubble and maintain your sanity. YAY for you that you now have a new home and are getting settled in. Sometimes I wish I were moving only because it forces me to get rid of stuff that has taken up residence in forgotten recesses of my house, never to be found again …. until I move. Wishing you miraculous organizing intuition while you figure out how to do more with less space.

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