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Me now 2014

Remember these cute anime faces? Well here’s one of what I look like now (sort of).

A while ago I had fun dyeing my hair black, but it looked pretty scary as it faded and grew out, so my hairdresser had to bleach it to strip the colour. Which of course left me with a head of unnaturally yellow, crispy, damaged hair. Ugh!

So back to the hair salon I went, getting my hair styled into a playful pixie cut. I’m enjoying how easy it is to maintain, and I wouldn’t mind keeping this style for a while, even when it’s grown out to my normal hair colour again.

Maybe some of you are wondering, ‘Hey, but what about Goal #11 – growing your hair to your waist? How are you going to achieve that now?’

OK, none of you are wondering that, but let’s pretend for a moment that you are 🙂

It’s a good question, and I think the answer deserves a post of its own…


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  4. Oo that sounds very nice and I’m glad your hair is easier to take care of now 😀 Yeah? I was wondering that ^^ but there is plenty of time to grow your hair out~

    • Thanks Ariel! I’m at such an in-between stage right now; really not sure what style I’d like to settle with… or even if I should settle! So we’ll see how it grows 🙂

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