Wonderfully wonky


Hello friends! How’ve you been? 🙂

A bit of sun lit up my day today: I couldn’t resist buying my first two pieces of new home decor! I spied these two wonderfully wonky ceramic bowls on sale at Woolies and had to snap them up. They fit right in with my planned colour themes, in this case for the lounge/living room area:

Wonky crockery

Wonky crockery

I like that they’re misshapen, especially for the lounge, because I want it to be a fun, informal area where guests feel at home. And what are the odds that the only colours available would be a perfect robin’s-egg blue and rusty orange?! Plus they were really cheap on sale so I don’t feel bad for squeezing them into my budget.

The ideal marriage of form with function: eye-catching decorations that double as snack bowls for a party or hold-alls for odds and ends.

It’s a silly thing, but this little find made my day! 😀


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    • Thank you! It’s fun to have unusual items isn’t it. I remember seeing a very wonky mug once that had on the side the words ‘Well, nobody’s perfect!’ 🙂

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