Goal #8: Write a letter to my future self


I’ve completed another goal on my list: Goal #8: Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years’ time.

Anime me

The futuristic me?

In 2024 (Lord willing I’m still around) I hope to open that letter and dissolve the pearls of my youthly wisdom in the vinegar of my aged experience…

Kidding! 😀

It was actually rather enjoyable writing to my future self. Of course I had to assume that many of the basic facts of my life would be the same then as now: marriage, health, home etc. I don’t see how this could work any other way.

The verb tenses were kinda funny too. But once I settled down to the task, I found myself feeling by turns motivated and melancholic. On the one hand I can hardly wait to see what I will have achieved by the end of the decade, but on the other hand I can’t imagine the people I love having aged a decade.

Strange how sometimes life can seem both short and long all at once.

Have you ever written a letter to yourself? Or would you ever write one? It’s an experiment I can recommend 🙂


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  1. When I was a pre-teen, I used to go to church with my sister and brother-in-law on New Years Eve. Our family always visited them for the Christmas break. Every year we wrote a letter to ourselves to be opened the next year on New Years Eve. It was only for a few years that we did that and I have to confess that I don;t remember one thing I wrote to myself way back then. As an adult I’m sure there would be more meaningful content. As I wrote the family annual letter this year (which I have been writing since 1980) I wondered about that exercise again. I didn’t write a letter to myself to be opened next year, but I guess I could still do it. If I had written one in December 2012 to be opened in December 2013 never would I have guessed the dramatic life reversal I’ve had.

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