A harvest of health


Just think of all the beautiful sunshine that was poured into these natural delights!

My resolution to eat a salad as a main meal every day for 30 consecutive days has been going splendidly. I feel so blessed by the bountiful ‘harvest’ I’m able to buy!

Of course, I’m in a city in the twenty-second century, so unfortunately my fresh produce doesn’t come to me with bits of soil still clinging to it… One day I hope to have a little patch of land where I can experiment with growing a few of my own fresh goodies, but for now I buy the freshest and the best selections I can for my money and convenience, and it’s a blessing.

This is one way I measure wealth: when my fridge is full not just of food, but of good food that hasn’t been fiddled with too much between God’s hand and my plate 🙂

There are so many diets and eating plans out there, some of which totally take over people’s lives. That’s not for me. I’m just content to make small changes for the better wherever I can.

If the label says ‘organic’ and I can afford it, I’ll buy it. And on the other end of the spectrum, if the best-before date is in a year’s time, I don’t really want to be putting that stuff in my body!

I know most of my readers will be heading for their northern-hemisphere winter now, so salads may not seem very appealing. But may I encourage you to balance out your cold-weather comfort foods with fresh produce whenever you get a chance.

You’ll reap a harvest of health 🙂


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  1. I am so with you on this! I love salad! Really love it and the more stuff I can add of fresh, close to the earth variety, the better. I know iceberg lettuce has low nutritional value but I love it as the base. Then I add everything else – more vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and occasionally pieces of leftover meat. Most of the time, with all that other stuff, there is no need to add fatty dressing. Oh! I often use cottage cheese or yogurt (plain for fruit) as well. YUM! It’s 6:00 am here and I’m alreadty thinking of salad for lunch. LOL

    • Haha, glad you’re so enthusiastic about it too! I also start with iceberg lettuce and get creative from there. I rarely use dressings but I must try yoghurt sometime. I often chop up little cubes of cheese to throw into a savoury salad, and my all-time favourite is toasting and salting some sunflower seeds and sprinkling them over the salad. Soooo good! 😀

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