Our ratties’ breeder has just sent me some of the latest pics of our boys :mrgreen:

Without further ado, here are Moon and Knight at 24 days old:

Moon and Knight 6

One black tail and one pink one

Moon and Knight 8

Knight washing his face

Moon and Knight 11

They look so fluffy!

Notice Knight's adorable white chin

Notice Knight’s adorable white chin

Moon's beautiful blaze on display

Moon’s beautiful blaze on display

And my boys, Vodka and Mishka:

Just look at Mishka’s huge ears!

Vodka and Mishka 7

Such beautiful silvery brothers

Vodka’s little pink mouth

Vodka and Mishka 11

One look and all resistance crumbles

Vodka and Mishka 16

Curious cuties

Now the countdown really begins… just over a month left until we meet these sweeties 😀


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  1. Oh they are so cute! So, does the introduction to Flea happen slowly or is it one of those situations where her “raternal” instincts take over and all are instantly accepted? ~maria

    • I think the intros will have to be a slow process. From what I’ve heard from other rat owners, it’s quite a mission sometimes… but it must be possible so we’ll give it our best shot 🙂

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