Flea sitting in her dinner

Flea sitting in her dinner

It’s been a busy few days for us, just tying up loose ends in life, so I just have time for a quick picture post on Flea. She’s healing well and going strong. Not sure if you can see it clearly in the pic above, but patches of fur are growing back where she was shaved for her op. For this pic she amused me by sitting right IN her food bowl, haha! :mrgreen:



This has been a fairly mild winter for us in Johannesburg so far, but when Flea starts feeling the cold in the evenings and missing the warmth of her sister, she doesn’t waste time in tearing up the paper in her cage to fashion a comfy little nest. I can’t wait until the new boys come and we can introduce some companions for her.

Pimpin' the cage

Pimpin’ the cage

We’ve been collecting items to start pimpin’ out the rat cage, not just in preparation for the new bubs, but for Flea to enjoy right now. The black and grey objects in this pic are very clever plastic ‘Sputniks’, which can be hung from the cage roof or stood on the cage floor. The blue and yellow tube is a ferret tunnel that will comfortably fit plenty ratties squishing together!

An alien has landed

An alien has landed

Flea took to the Sputnik straight away. Sweet girl 🙂

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