100+ sunflowers


Despite all the sad stuff I’ve been dealing with lately, one ray of light has been that I’ve reached 100 followers on this blog!

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for finding my ramblings interesting :mrgreen:

When I started out I didn’t even think a single person would stumble on this blog. But pretty soon you found me and I figured out the world of WordPress and the lovely interaction with this pleasant community took me by surprise.

It’s been such fun ‘meeting’ people from around the world who share many of my interests and hobbies. Although I don’t endorse all the blogs/bloggers who have clicked ‘Follow’ on the Sunshine Scrapbook, the majority of you are an amazing bunch whose own blogs amuse, encourage and inspire me.

I was never aiming for followers for the sake of numbers, so if you’re here coz you genuinely enjoy what I have to say, then I’m grateful. And I’ll continue to send my (mostly) sunny thoughts out into cyberspace in the hope that I can be a blessing 🙂

To my 100+ sunflowers, thank you for following the sun!



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  1. I follow you because you are a joy and a blessing. I am thankful for the Internet that was the vehicle God used to bring us together.

    My heart aches for you. I am so very sorry for you and Ninja. I prayed that God would bless you in some amazing way and that he would bring peace to your heart.

    • Ah, thanks so much Jane. Your posts are some of my favourites 🙂 And thanks for the condolences; each pet we have is a unique blessing even if we only get to enjoy them for a short time. I see them all as gifts from the Lord 🙂

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