No sunshine today


“Mommy, I’m not well…”

Sorry for the sad-hearted post, but my Coffee ratty is not doing well 😦

I rushed her to the vet on Friday with all the signs of either a bad infection or a pituitary tumour (PT). She’s struggling to walk, sit and eat. The sudden onset made me think it could be an ear infection, but the dragging hind legs make me worry it’s worse than that.

The vet gave us some meds to try for a few days, but warned that ‘the prognosis doesn’t look good’.

Having her out of action makes an instant difference to the vibe in this home. Usually Coffee – our Bossyboots! – runs our household with all her demanding and adorable ways, but now everything is quiet and pensive as we wait to see if our weak and listless Little Madam will make it through…


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  1. Oh poor little thing! It’s difficult when our pets aren’t well… My min pin has seizures from time to time. it had been a few months and he had a seizure the other day. It’s so hard to watch and wonder what to do to make it better. I hope her meds help her feel better! Hang in there 🙂

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