Ratty noodles


Well, I’ve survived the first few days of being back in the office. Seeing my old colleagues again has been fun, but getting out of bed early has not! Being a housewife sure made me lazy appreciate sleeping in 😉

Anyway, between catching up with housework and preparing for another early day tomorrow, I don’t have too much time to blog this evening. So I thought I’d let the ratties star in this short-and-sweet post…

Ratties L-O-V-E pasta! Gnawing on dry pasta helps them file down their long, ever-growing teeth. And cooked pasta is one of their favourite treats.

Here’s Coffee getting excited about cooked macaroni:

Coffee, want a noodle?

Coffee, want a noodle?

Got one!

And here are two funny pics of the girls hoarding dry noodles :mrgreen:

Coffee never does anything by halves: three noodles at once!

Funny little Flea holds her noodle like a cigar


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