Personal mission statement


Have you ever written out a personal mission statement? Mission statements are a great tool for reminding you of your highest principles and values. That is, they can be great… unless you’re like me and you misplace your mission statement – only to discover it about a decade later!

Years ago I read Sean Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and followed his advice to write out my own mission statement. I remember spending hours working out exactly how to put my life into words (of course I would use words… I think best using words). I memorised my mission statement and even made a small card version to carry in my purse.

But then I grew up and life got busy and somehow I lost both my card and my mission. Until a few days ago when I found my card stashed away in the bottom of an old storage box 🙂

On the one side of the card is a pic of a (rather sad-looking) German Shepherd…

The GSD pic

The GSD pic

… and on the other side is the story of my life:

My mission statement

My mission statement

Looking at my mission statement again was like looking into a mirror. If ever a few words could sum up my thoughts of myself and my hopes for my life, here they are. Even the layout is so typically me: neat and orderly and balanced, with exactly five words per section… so pernickety at such a young age, lol!

If you take a moment to read the various terms I chose, you can learn a lot about me.

  • For example, my people-oriented side is clear in words such as understand, welcome, repent, forgive, compliment, embrace and love.
  • My spiritual side and faith is reflected the terms stand tallimprovepurify, mature and believe.
  • The part of me that needs quiet alone time to balance out the others-centredness is shown in the words renew, reflect, define.
  • My hard-working, intense and perfectionistic traits are captured in the terms focus, plan, achieve, exercise, sacrifice, strive, advance and establish.
  • And best of all, the sunny, cheerful and optimistic side of me glows in these words: shine, laugh, create, celebrate, expand, dream and rejoice.

Two things surprised me about this find. The first is that even after a decade, I can’t say I need to change this in any way. It still encapsulates who I am and who I want to be. The second thing is that even though this has been hidden at the bottom of a box for the longest time, I’ve unwittingly stuck to many of these principles over the years. And I’ve definitely been happiest during those times when I’ve managed to maintain the balance described in my mission statement.

What a wonderful discovery! This card is going back into its rightful place in my purse now.

In fact, the timing couldn’t be better: today is my last day of being a full-time housewife, as tomorrow I begin three months of working in the office. I’m going to need my mission statement nearby to keep me focused on what matters most to me during the upcoming busy season.

And speaking of busyness, I won’t have as much free time to blog in the days ahead, but I will still do my best to send interesting and sunny posts your way – at least once a week or as often as I can!

All the best 🙂



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