Have you ever…


…tried these toppings on your bread or toast?


Tasty toppings

This is my lunch: two slices of wholewheat bread with two interesting toppings. The first slice is covered in mashed up avocado pear and sprinkled with salt. Avo is one of my all-time favourites: I enjoy it plain (it complements curries quite nicely), salted (as described above) or mashed into a zesty dessert with sugar and lemon juice. Yum!

The second slice of bread is topped with cheddar cheese and celery sticks. It’s a delicious combo that my mom introduced to our plates when I was young. Somehow the tangy cheddar and crunchy celery work really well together.

Since my mom has been baking her own bread for decades, our family ate a lot of bread – which of course led to lots of experimenting with different toppings. Here’s a list of a few of the most creative ones I’ve tried over the years. (Warning: not all are healthy, and some are an acquired taste!)

  • Thinly spread mayonnaise sprinkled with mixed herbs
  • Chutney and cheese
  • Banana and cheese
  • Marmite (a salty yeast spread) and cheese
  • Apricot jam and cheese (yes, I really like cheese!)
  • Chutney and lettuce
  • Fruit mince (it’s especially amazing on crispy toast)
  • Cottage cheese and bell peppers
  • Strawberry jam and cream
  • Sardines with lemon juice
  • Honey (best on toast)
  • Cottage cheese and cucumber
  • Pastrami and gherkins
  • Grated apple and spices (on toast, baked in the oven)

Have you ever tried any of those? What’s your favourite topping for bread or toast?


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  1. I’ve only tried Honey out of those~looks like I have some toast toppings to try 😉 I like peanut butter the best on toast. Lots of these sound delicious

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