The Host


Well, I had a whole bunch of good intentions for starting off the week yesterday, but life isn’t always a straight line. The trick is learning to adapt to the curveballs instead of getting frustrated by them.

I started strong, kicking off my day with cleaning and grocery shopping. But around midday our power and water were both cut off! I couldn’t do any more of the washing, cooking or cleaning that I’d planned.

Rather than sit around doing some proverbial thumb-twiddling, I used the sudden gift of free time to check off another goal on my 101 things in 1001 days list: Goal #89 – Go to a movie by myself. At least they had electricity and running water at the mall!

I went to see The Host, and enjoyed it… it was kind of like a girly romantic sci-fi. I’m not usually into sci-fi all that much, but Stephanie Meyer has a knack for making otherworldly plots appeal to gals too 😉

Anyway, yesterday also showed me God’s grace and perfect timing in my life. For the first time ever, I decided to split up my shopping. My plan was to first buy all the dry goods and take them home, and then later go back to the shops to purchase all the perishable items such as frozen fish, meat and fresh veggies. My reasoning at the time was that if I could get these items straight from the shops into my cooler bag and into my fridge as quickly as possibly, I might avoid them going bad (I think bad frozen fish – and not the Easter feast – was actually what nailed me with food poisoning a couple of weeks ago).

So I did my dry-goods shopping at a normal pace and brought home all the goodies. After I’d finished unpacking the grocery bags, I took a breather for five minutes and got ready to leave to buy the perishable items. Then, just as I was about to leave, the power and water were cut.

My first reaction was natural frustration, but that quickly turned to amazement at the divine timing of each event. If I’d bought all the shopping at once as usual without coming home, or if I’d left five minutes sooner for the second round, I would have had hundreds of rands’ worth of perishable items sitting in a fridge that couldn’t stay cold. The electricity and water only came back five hours later – that would have been long enough to defrost and ruin my frozen fish and other delicate items.

Many may see that as a lucky coincidence, but to me it shows clearly that I have a loving Father who’s involved in the smallest details of my life. As Proverbs 16:9 tells us, ‘A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.’ I’m grateful the Lord directed me to do something out of the ordinary and mercifully prevented me from wasting a lot of money and good food 🙂

'Direction' © Sunshine Scrapbook

‘Direction’ © Sunshine Scrapbook


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  1. What a wonderful post, how great it is to see how much the lord cares. He always has a path set for us. The host…my sister and I wanted to see that, but haven’t gone yet. I will hopefully go see it soon then I can chat with you about it 😀

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