Nooooooo! Yes to Carrots


If there’s one thing that sucks about living in South Africa, it’s that we don’t get as many fantastic brands as overseas stores offer. But perhaps what’s worse than having the carrot dangled from afar is actually getting to use – and love – unique products for a while, only to have our stores decide that our market isn’t right 😦

That’s what happened to me with the range of beauty products from Yes to Carrots.

Yes to Carrots logo

Yes to Carrots logo

To give you the punchline straight away: this is by far the best brand of beauty products I have ever used, and I am now down to my last three (tiny) bottles. Nooooooo! 😦

For those of you who don’t know, Yes to Carrots (and the sister ranges of Yes to Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Blueberries and Grapefruit) is a range of hair, body and beauty products that are made of almost 100% natural ingredients! Yes, really. Free from all the usual horrible chemicals, these products are pure goodness for your body. They smell marvellous, they work brilliantly, they’re safe for sensitive skins and the they’re inexpensive compared to the fancy potions whipped up in laboratories.

Yes to Carrots ingredients

Yes to Carrots ingredients

The photo above shows the ingredients in some of the products. The natural ingredients read like a smoothie for your skin: Dead Sea water, sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, aloe leaf extract, carrot seed oil, carrot juice, pumpkin juice, sweet potato extract, melon extract, orange fruit extract, honey extract, algae (rhodella, dunaliella, spirulina), silt, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, pomegranate peel extract, chamomile extract, calendula oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, propolis extract, sesame oil and green tea extract!

The last of my Yes to Carrots products

The last of my Yes to Carrots products

My friend and I discovered these products two Christmases ago when a local pharmacy chain (the only one to sell the brand in SA) suddenly put all their Yes to Carrots and Yes to Cucumbers products on sale. We’d never seen the brand before, but loved the sound of all the natural ingredients and bought some shampoos to try. Once I’d used one product (the Yes to Cucumbers Leave-in Conditioner), I was smitten and tried out all the others.

Soon afterwards, however, I found out the reason why the products were on special: the range was being discontinued in South Africa. Panic! My friend and I literally drove around to every branch of that pharmacy to buy up all their stock! What we scavanged and shared between us has lasted until now, but we’re down to the dregs.

I did all I could to find another way of getting hold of Yes to Carrots in my country. But all that my research turned up were options for importing that I can’t afford with our weak currency. Sigh. So I resolved to enjoy the items I had managed to get, and thought that if I ever travel overseas and find these ranges, I’ll be filling up my suitcases with little else.

For a while I was quite mad with the pharmacy chain (let me tell you, products of this quality evoke strong reactions)… I couldn’t believe that all the years I’d been shopping at those stores I’d never once seen these products. They were never advertised; in all the branches I went to the Yes to Carrots and other natural products were all stuffed on the lowest, most obscure corner shelf where no one was likely to find them. For this pharmacy chain to then have the audacity to claim that the products didn’t sell well here… argh, it chewed me up 😡

But for all that, you know I won’t leave you without a ray of sunshine in this post. And it is this: if you’re in a country that sells Yes to Carrots or any of their other ranges, I heartily encourage you to try them out. I can no longer endorse all the high-tech chemical products out there now that I know about this fantastic natural range. If you haven’t discovered these products for yourself yet – hurry, while stocks last! 😉


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  1. I was just doing some research product. I discovered it a few years back and wanted to try it again but just discovered the sad news.

  2. Aww that’s horrible 😦 You can’t get them on Amazon, too expensive right? $17USD would be 156 ZAR. Woah…yes come visit America and stock up at Walgreens. Sorry about that, it’s always a shame when you get attached to something and it’s taken away.

    • Yup, our exchange rate really bites 😛 Glad I ever got to try them though… now I know that natural products truly can live up to their claims 🙂

      • Hi there

        I live in the Eastern Cape and fell in Love with Yes To Carrots….but as you said the range was very disappointingly discontinued in SA. I have come across that do free worldwide deliveries!
        Hope that brings your smile back:-)

      • Ooh, that’s very exciting! Thanks so much for the tip-off 🙂 When the exchange rate turns in our favour I might try that 🙂

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