Marble and mud

Life © Sunshine Scrapbook

Life © Sunshine Scrapbook

It’s been a busy season for me lately; I’ve missed updating my sunny cyber-scrapbook :mrgreen:

Some of the things that have kept me occupied of late include:

  • finishing off a freelance proofread for a client
  • tinting my hair a sunnier shade of blonde
  • visiting friends and family
  • researching which DSLR camera to buy (when I’m eventually in the market for one)
  • watching Lost with Ninja
  • mapping out a route so I can start training for my first 5km run (eek!)
  • baking (but no new recipes and thus nothing blogworthy)
  • and the usual general housework.

All these and other everyday aspects of living fill up my ordinary days.

As the quote above says, there’s good and bad, marble and mud, beauty and boredom. Maybe only in time will I be able to look back and see the marble of who I am shining through the mud of what I have to get through each day.

Not all the small things matter, but sometimes they add up over the years… until you find that what you’ve spent your days doing has become part of who you are.

So as best as you are able, live to make it count! 🙂


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  1. What is it that the master sculptors said of their astounding marble statues? The finished piece was in there the whole time and they just had to chip away the chaff from around them? Maybe the boring spots and the hassles are just chaff to shake off in order to shine!

  2. Watching lost, what season? Good luck with everything you’ve been doing. It all sounds exciting (-house work because I do a lot of that too :P). DSLR cameras, I’ve got Canon EOS Rebel T3. It can take HD video and great pics and not that expensive compared to most. I have still yet to master most things that camera can do. That’s a beautiful quote.

    • We’re halfway through Season 6 of Lost… so keen to get to the bottom of it at last 😀 I’m excited about the camera thing but want to put lotsa research in because I’ll probably only be able to afford it once, so it’s gotta last!

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