Make your own anime avatar


Oh, the internet.

Source of delightful distractions and bottomless drain down which all my best hours go…! 😛

Inspired by bloggerpal Ariel’s post, this morning I started browsing all manner of random Japanese cuteness (it’s very difficult to encounter anything Japanese that isn’t cute!)… and then I got stuck here: a free online game that allows you to make an anime face that can be used as an avatar.

And I’m telling you about it because it just happens to tick every box on my blog: it’s bright, beautiful, sweet and fluffy (OK, maybe not fluffy).

So here’s me as I am at present:

Zest at present

Cheesy? You bet.

Here’s me in the future, when I’ll hopefully have grown and dyed my hair:

Future Zest

That one looks a lot like I used to look in my punk years… 😉

And who can resist making a proper cartoony anime avatar? So here’s the anime me:

Anime Zest

Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually have hair that colour!

I even created some for my man. Here’s the normal Ninja:

Normal Ninja

Sorry about the stubble, darling. Without it you’d look about 10 years old 😀

And finally the anime Ninja:

Anime Ninja

Hmmm… still looks about 10 years old…!

The funny thing is, although I enjoy the art style, I generally steer clear of anime series. Coz I’m yet to find an anime series that isn’t a) loaded with innuendo, b) downright porno, or c) so childish that it makes Teletubbies look mature.

I guess it’s also one of those subcultures you either love or you don’t. I know many people, including my hubby, my brother and several friends, who’ve found anime series they enjoy. I’ve no doubt some good clean anime are out there, but I don’t have the time or inclination to trawl through all the dodgy or silly ones to find them.

So (and I mean no offence to those of you who are anime fans) today’s cute little avatar creator is probably the closest I’ll get to anime in a long while 🙂


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  2. Ha ha all your avatars are so cute! Oo you want long black hair, pretty. You’re not cheesy lol And blue hair would be awesome to have!

    As far as Anime goes ‘Challenge Accepted’,nah but maybe one day I’ll find one you like he he (maybe….maybe). But it is true especially with the new ones, they have a lot of shady things….. I would say watch Natsume Yuujinchou and Poyo Poyo (if you like cats). I don’t know any rat anime 😦

    Love the daily sunshine I get from this blog 😀

      • Thanks for the recommendations; when I get a chance I’ll try to check out some of these… no promises though! 😉 I take it your suggestions have more girly appeal than some of the ones Ninja has watched (e.g. Gundam, Naruto, etc)?

      • Yeah a little bit he he. Poyo is just funny though. Hajime loves Gundam so much he even has models of them… does Ninja have those too?

      • He had one Gundam model; it was very cool to watch him piece it together… But he gave it to a friend of his who’s an even bigger Gundam fan 🙂

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