Catching up is hard to do


Hellooooo! 😀 I’m back again, after what feels like a very long weekend!

I haven’t been in hiding (unlike this stray cat in our yard)

I’ve missed sending out some rays of sunshine into the blogosphere, but I’ve really been through the wars over the past few days. No sooner had I recovered from my cold than I contracted a horrid bout of food poisoning from the Easter feast 😦

I’ve slowly been wilting away (not unlike this dying rose)

Over the long weekend I spent most of my waking hours asleep! But I’m on the mend again, I’m pleased to say.

So this is a little catch-up post to mention a few things I’ve been up to…

For one thing, we ate some of my homemade pickled beetroot for the first time two days ago. It was delicious. OK, the vinegar was a teeny bit on the strong side, but I’m sure I could tweak the recipe if needed. Otherwise, I was very impressed with the spicy flavour that came through. I doubt I’ll be buying pickled beetroot very often anymore: it’s far too much fun to make my own 🙂

The ratties have been extra cute lately; good company for their convalescent mommy…

Coffee: Gimme my banana chippie!

Coffee: Gimme my banana chippie!

I gave the girls some wholewheat couscous for the first time. They really made piggies of themselves! Afterwards Coffee could barely keep her eyes open. All she could do was curl into this adorable AdoraBall 🙂

Coffee K.O. after an epic ratty dinner

Now that autumn’s cooler weather is here, Flea loves tunneling through our fleece blankets:

Snug Fleabug

Snug Fleabug

But sometimes when she becomes too shy, she needs a push in the right direction from her sister:

C'mon, Flea!

C’mon, Flea! Don’t you see that banana chippie?

I’ve also had the chance to do a wee bit of ‘indoor birding’. I spotted this Southern boubou, a small endemic shrike, through the window this morning:

Southern boubou sneaking through the shrubbery

Southern boubou sneaking through the shrubbery

He may not be as big or striking as his larger relative the grey-headed bushshrike, but his cheery fearlessness makes up for it. He hopped closer to the window a few times to get a better look at the strange human and her camera:

Givin' me the eyeball

Givin’ me the eyeball

And he quite happily ate his breakfast right in front of me while I clicked away:

Southern boubou male

Southern boubou male

So that’s my news.

It’s good to be back 🙂


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  3. I can relate. The week before Easter, I had food poisoning from a restaurant and was down all week. Finally perked up in time for our super Easter service and a concert that night. Feel Better!

  4. I’m sorry that happened to you 😦 but glad you’re better! Your ratties are super cute~ Woah bird watching from the house is such a lovely thing. Thanks for the sunshine 🙂

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