World Sparrow Day


Goal #78 on my list of 101 things says I must celebrate 5 obscure holidays… and if there ever was an obscure day to commemorate, it’s gotta be today. World Sparrow Day. Celebrating feathered friends of the garden variety all around the world.

Cape sparrow

Cape sparrow

I don’t know if blogging about it counts as celebrating, since I haven’t gone as far as to build a little birdhouse (although I may well have done so if we had a garden of our own). But my nod to World Sparrow Day will have to just be in blog format because, well, sorry birdies – I don’t tweet.

In South Africa we have two main types of sparrows: the Cape sparrows (a male is shown above) and house sparrows. They’re prolific breeders, chirruping singers and as nondescript as sparrows everywhere, I reckon.

But it makes me smile to know that the Lord notices and cares for these utterly plain little guys too 🙂 Watching simple, humble sparrows go about their day, I’m always reminded of that Scripture (Matthew 10:29) that says: ‘Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.’ It’s a comforting thought. As my MacArthur Bible commentary notes, ‘Divine providence governs even the most inconsequential details of God’s creation. He cares for all that He created, regardless of how insignificant.’

Happy World Sparrow Day! 🙂


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