Is this cheating?


Six days into my new diet for March, and I’ve faced quite a few temptations already.

In terms of going vegetarian, so far I’ve been tempted by bacon with breakfast, chicken, ham on pizza and savoury mince. But I’ve only caved in to the chicken (a small piece of breast meat) at Sunday lunch, because I didn’t want to offend my folks (yeah, I’m a real people pleaser that way). So I guess I’ll have to extend my month of vegetarianism to include April Fool’s day 😛

Staying away from sweet things has also been tough (What’s wrong with me?! It’s only been six days!). It was scorching hot today, so I made myself a banana-soy milk-frozen yoghurt milkshake. Is this cheating? Here are the ingredients:


As you can see, the frozen yoghurt is the Slimmer’s Choice version. So I’m really hoping that counts as dieting! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the soya milk in the reduced-sugar version, but hey… I get points for not using full-cream cow’s milk, don’t I? No? Ahh man.

Banana-soy milk-frozen yoghurt milkshake

As for my other ‘rules for March’: I haven’t baked yet; the food diary is filling up each day; I did have some vegetarian pizza (What? You say that’s cheating too?!); I’ve been sticking to my exercise routine; and I have thought about reducing salt and sugar, without, er, actually doing much about it.

Progress, I think.


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  1. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself about the shake. It’s not about dieting; it’s about putting healthful things into your body. Clearly, you put a lot of thought into making good choices, and the shake looks like a good way to indulge your sweet craving without resorting to unhealthy choices. If you take all of the satisfying foods out of your life, you will be miserable, and it will be harder to stick to the plan.

    • That’s so true. I’ve never been much of a diet freak (I just want to feel comfy in my own skin again), so I guess I can afford to have some leeway with my treats 🙂

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