Time for a reality check


Sigh. I’ve been thinking recently about how many loose ends I seem to have cluttering up my mind and my life. And also how a perfectionist like me always makes the mistake of setting impossible standards to cheerfully destroy all hope of achievement… I realise that the goals I aspire to and the standards I expect of myself are getting in the way of my sanity. So I reckon it’s time for a reality check 🙂

Firstly – no. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to that Fascinating Womanhood experiment I started with at the beginning of this blog. The idea isn’t bad, but the tedium of constraining myself to only one type of post (and that on a rather thorny topic) isn’t so appealing anymore. I’ll probably still work my way through the book, applying as much as I can to my own marriage, and I might post about it sometimes. Or not.

OK, glad that’s off the table.

The other thing I’ve been thinking – and this may come across as either really flaky or fairly realistic – is that my list of 101 goals needs tweaking. Yes, again. Not a major overhaul, or anything… But some of those aspirations are (still) poorly formulated and neither realistic nor achievable. Others are just too easy for the timeframe. So here are the goals I’m changing:

Goal #4 – Exercise at least 30 min/day, 3 days/week, 3 weeks/month (the previous goal of 5 days per week was exhausting to try to meet, because it left no time for my body to recover… silly me!)

Goal #9 – Go on 3 hikes (one hike would be over too soon)

Goal #14 – Read one passage per week from my German Bible (I’ve struggled to get these language goals right since I added them, but this is now simple and doable)

Goal #25 – Work through my entire ‘Teach yourself Hindi’ textbook (this isn’t easier, but it should be more doable)

Goal #38 – Visit 10 different museums and/or monuments (the more the merrier, and adding monuments makes it more doable too)

That’s all. See? Not too bad! Just the slight adjustments in course that are necessary for meeting goals while doing this busy thing called life 🙂

And now, on the upside, here’s how I’ve been faring with some of the other goals on the list:


Goal #34: I’ve been doing the following reading lately:

#6: “Crow Lake” by Mary Lawson

#7: “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom

#8: “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden

#9: “Chasing Windmills” by Catherine Ryan Hyde

#10: “The German Boy” by Patricia Wastvedt

#11: “My Name is Salma” by Fadia Faqir

#12: “A World of Difference” by Leona Blair

#13: “Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer (currently reading)


Goal #35: Done! I hosted our best friends for a Valentine’s Dinner… which I’ll be posting about soon 🙂

Goal #46: I’ve tried two new veggies lately:

#2: Patty pans

#3: Purple carrots

Goal #54: As you know, I’ve applied henna once already…

Goal #62: I’ve bought the sheet of temp tattoos; now I just need to start using them.

Goal #90: The letters of the alphabet I’ve used up for movies so far are:

B = The Bourne Legacy

H = The Hobbit

L = Life of Pi

M = Memoirs of a Geisha

P = Pride and Prejudice

R = Red Dog

T = Tree of Life

Goal #100: I’ve written the first letter to an old friend who influenced my life, and gave it to him for his birthday.


Each day brings a new opportunity to make a memory or meet a goal 🙂


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