Mini ninja vanilla cupcakes


At long last, here are some more of the recipes from the ninja-themed party – starting off with the vanilla cupcakes decorated with fondant ninjas:

Vanilla cupcakes (some with caramel)

Here’s the recipe, which I got off the internet ages ago and haven’t been able to trace the original source…

1 1/2 C flour

3/4 C sugar

2 t baking powder

1/2 t salt

1/2 C milk

1/2 C oil

2 eggs

1 t vanilla essence



1. Sift together the dry ingredients.

2. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones. Beat well until smooth and creamy.

3. Place paper cupcake/muffin cups in a muffin tray.

4. Fill each cup no more than 3/4 full, as they overflow easily.

5. Bake at 180 °C for 15 minutes, or until just, just golden.


So much for the cupcakes. Making the fondant ninjas was the most fun, as it was my first time working with fondant. I started by making body shapes with black fondant, supporting and joining the pieces with a stick of uncooked spaghetti. Then I added a small white ‘face’ and drew the sneaky-looking ninja eyes with edible pen.

Fondant ninja

I love variety in everything I do, so I made a few 3-D ninjas and a few 2-D ones, which dried faster and didn’t need spaghetti spines 😉

2-D ninjas

I also painstakingly (and enjoyably) created two ‘sensei’, but everyone at the party ended up wondering what Moses and Aaron were doing among the ninjas!


I left these little guys to dry properly. On the day of the party I stuck them into the cupcakes, sometimes in a topping of caramel.


They got rave reviews at the party and were gobbled up quickly 🙂


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