Make a ninja ‘dojo’ party decoration


The centrepiece for the table at Ninja’s ninja-themed party was the cardboard ‘dojo’ we made:

I can’t take credit for this one at all, because…

  • the tip-off for the idea came from this lovely blog
  • the template and instructions came from this helpful website
  • and the hard work of putting it together was done by my Ninja himself!

I’m sure you’ll agree the results were great. HP Activity Centre’s template is supplied in full colour, but we only have a b&w printer. Still, I think the greyscale actually worked better and made it look more suitable for an adult’s party rather than a kiddies’ one. I used small ‘love palms’ to resemble bamboo (I checked: real bamboo was ridiculously pricey!) and placed some small, smooth pebbles around the dojo to soften the effect.


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