How to make simple paper lanterns


To add to the decor at the ninja-themed party, I made some red and black paper lanterns. I’m sure just about everyone knows how to make these (I remember crafting this kind of thing as a schoolkid), but just for fun, here are the instructions anyway:

You’ll need:

  • A4 sheets of paper or card in your chosen colours
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape (cellotape)
  • Paper punches if desired

What to do:

1. Cut a thin strip off one narrow end of an A4 sheet. Reserve this strip for the handle.

2. Fold the remaining sheet in half lengthways, and cut into it at regular intervals as shown below.

3. If you want a plain lantern, fold the paper around as shown to make the lantern shape, and secure with sticky tape.

4. Before I completed Step 3, though, I punched out some star shapes with a small hand punch.

5. Then I secured it in a lantern shape with sticky tape and taped on the strip of paper as a handle.

The completed lantern should look like this:


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