Forthcoming attractions: a Ninja party and a Valentine’s dinner!


It really seems that 2013 is going to be a year marked with many things to celebrate. The Lord has filled my life with wonderful people and this year it seems I finally have the time to bless them in the way I enjoy most: throwing parties and hosting special dinners! February in particular promises to include at least two highly anticipated events…

First up we have a ninja-themed birthday party for my amazing husband. I consider it a little short of a miracle that he even wants to acknowledge his birthday, let alone throw an actual party 😛 So of course I’ve leapt at the opportunity to make it a creative and memorable event. And I plan to blog about the ideas and results right here on the Sunshine Scrapbook (celebrating, in this case, all things ninjatastic) 😀

Later in Feb we have another near-miracle: Ninja has agreed to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year; yes, that ‘over-commercialised, most insipid of days’. We’re planning to have our best friends over for a special romantic dinner. I can hardly wait!


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