FF VII Cloud Strife’s Fenrir (Cloudy Wolf) earrings – all mine!


The great thing about being married to a ninja is that life is full of surprises! My darling husband recently treated me to a really cool gift, which arrived today all the way from Singapore: my very own Cloud Strife Fenrir/Cloudy Wolf earrings, made famous in Final Fantasy VII. Check it out:

The funny thing is, I’m not really a FF fan, although I enjoyed parts of the movie. Ninja is the real fan, and even played the game back in the day. So why get me these earrings?

It’s not just because they’re so epic. It’s because wolves are my number one favourite animal, and I’ve never seen wolf jewellery that comes close to being as striking as Cloud’s silver Fenrir. Have you?

I did a bit of reading online to understand the back story to this symbol, and it seems that Final Fantasy uses the wolf to symbolise several things for Cloud, including his loss of good friends and his isolation. For me personally, the wolf symbol has connotations of freedom, fearlessness and an intuitive relating to the world. Plus, it’s just an exquisite beast 🙂

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  2. I just read this post because I was interested in the Cloudy Wolf earring, and maby it’s because your husband is called ninja, that you’re both from South Africa, or maby it’s your fondness for Rats, but for some reason I thought that you and your husband where Yolandi Visser and Watkin Tudor Jones from Dei Antwoord, probably not though, I just thought that it was a rather fun coincidence, 🙂 LOL.

  3. My sister and I use to watch the movie a lot…So pardon my asking but where are you and your husband from originally? Mine’s from Chiba, Japan. And I grew up in Wisconsin. I hope I took the Ninja hint correctly thinking Japan (he he). But you’ve got me curious.

    • We’re both from South Africa 🙂 My hubby’s not Asian; he just loves Japan and got the nickname Ninja a long time ago, even before I met him… it’s kinda stuck and now I can’t imagine calling him anything else! It must be so interesting to have a cross-cultural marriage though, wow 🙂 Is that what started your love of Japanese stuff? 🙂

      • Oh ha ha, well my sister and I became fans of Japan when we were young. When I first met my husband he was impressed with my Japanese and our relationship as friends took off from there. We’re both Christian, but we do still have our differences mostly with food. Like when I saw him eat squid the first time >.< bleeeh

      • LOL, you sound exactly like me! I can’t look at Ninja for hours after he’s eaten some creepy seafood, let alone give him a kiss! Do you cook seafood for your man? I warned mine long ago that the only meat and fish I’ll prepare is that which no longer looks like it came from an animal… 😀 It’s awesome that you guys also serve the Lord! And kudos to you for tackling Japanese. I admire the effort it takes to truly learn such a complex language. My brother learnt Japanese so he could go teach English there. I love languages, but all those characters and difficult pronunciations overwhelm me 😛

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