Move aside, Nigella!


This weekend I made three dessert recipes that were so decadent and delish that I just had to share them with you. They’re all creations of South Africa’s very own celebrity chef, Sharon Glass – who’s just as famous in the US of A, by the way. But let me back up here for a minute…

First of all, you may wonder why I’d make three desserts in one weekend (especially considering the belt-tightening fifth goal on my 101 list)! It was all for a good cause: spoiling a dear friend of mine with a special dinner for her birthday. And strictly speaking, only two of the recipes formed part of the actual dessert. The third was used in creating our drinks: the yummiest piña coladas ever! 😉

Here’s a pic to whet your appetite:

Decadent dessert

And here are my links to the recipes, reproduced with permission:

1. Coconut sorbet

2. Galettes

3. Amarula yoghurt panna cotta



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