Coconut sorbet = perfect piña coladas


Why oh why have I lived this long without making my own coconut ice cream?! Thankfully, Sharon Glass‘s gorgeous recipe book Sweet Endings introduced me to a recipe I’ll probably be making for years to come 🙂 As mentioned previously, I’m able to share it with you too. And the bonus is that you don’t need a fancy ice-cream machine to make this either.


You’ll need:

1 C sugar

1 C water

610 g tinned coconut milk

1/3 C desiccated coconut



1. Heat sugar and water to dissolve, simmering for 3 minutes.

2. Cool completely, then mix together with the coconut milk and coconut.

3. Place in a shallow freezer tray for 2 hours until solid.

4. Break up with a fork and then pulse in a food processor until creamy. Return to the freezer until needed.


There! I mean, could it get any easier than that? I combined this sorbet with some Mainstay Piña Colada cocktail mix to create fabulous, creamy drinks. (PS: if you’re planning to use this for drinks, you may want to leave out the desiccated coconut if you don’t like the texture.)

Piña coladas

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